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Source: TLC

Abbie Duggar's Birth Special Shows She Delivered a Bit Differently Than Her Sisters-In-Law


Longtime fans of the Duggar family have delighted in seeing Michelle and Jim Bob's adult children, one-by-one, courting, getting married, and having babies of their own. (Thus, why their TLC series is called Counting On.) However Abbie Duggar's birth special shows she did things a bit differently than her sisters-in-law.

So far, the majority of Duggar daughters have at least attempted a home birth for their babies. Abbie's birth plan, on the other hand, was different from the start. Perhaps it's because Abbie used to be a nurse — or maybe it's just where she and Jon felt most comfortable delivering— but their baby girl was born at a hospital. And with the use of an epidural, to boot.