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Source: HBO / Sony Pictures

15 Actors Who Left the Business for Good


It's very common for people who aren't famous actors to have several different jobs in their lifetime, to shift their careers to focus on something else entirely. But we tend to think of actors as forever committed to the craft. That's just not true, though! Plenty of actors quit the business for one reason or another and go on to do things that are completely separate from show business. Here are 15 famous people who decided to turn off that spotlight and live a quieter life. Some might surprise you...

1. Gene Hackman

Source: Getty Images

You may not have even realized this, but Gene Hackman left acting to focus on writing historical fiction novels. His last role was in the flop Welcome to Mooseport in 2004. 

I reached out to my brother, who I knew had strong feelings about this movie, and this is what he had to say: "I think Welcome to Mooseport is an absolutely perfect name-dropping kind of movie. It had been so heavily advertised and it was such a mediocre movie that it's so easily recognizable." In other words, if you need the name of a bad movie in conversation, drop Welcome to Mooseport, and everyone will know what you mean.

It's unfortunate because Gene Hackman was an amazing actor. From Hoosiers to The Royal Tenenbaums, the dude could act! It sucks that he has to go out on such a bad note, but it seems like it was his choice.