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Source: iStock Photo

This Airport Love Story Between Two Old Women Will Melt Your Heart


You know the opening scene in Love Actually that's just a montage of ecstatic loved ones reuniting and embracing at the airport? This story makes that scene look like Schindler's List. Seriously, you might want to grab a bowl of popcorn and a box of tissues because this Twitter thread is actually the greatest romantic story that has ever been written. And the best part is that it happened in real life. 

Twitter user and airline employee @vvuxian was working at the ticket counter when a woman of about 70 approached her and asked for some information about a certain passenger on a flight coming in from Spain. What happened next will melt even the coldest, most frozen of hearts.

Source: Twitter

Follow-up spoiler alert: Not only is it a love story, but I would venture to say it is the great love story of our time. If someone were to option this and make it into a movie, I would watch it a million times. It's like real-life Before Sunrise. But better.