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Source: WWE

AJ Styles Clearly Injured His Shoulder During the Royal Rumble, So When Will He Be Back?


During this past Royal Rumble, it was evident that AJ Styles sustained a nasty shoulder injury after getting speared by Edge. While professional wrestling is a rough and tumble sports spectacle that many fans sadly watch for the threat of great violence and harm against the performers, it's always tragic whenever a Superstar injures themselves for the sake of the crowd.

So what's the update on AJ's status with the WWE?

As one of the WWE's top wrestlers, there was a lot of hype surrounding AJ's participation in the Royal Rumble. It was his first time at the contest since 2016 and fans were stoked to see Edge, one of the biggest names during the Attitude Era and after, return to the squared circle. Pairing him up against Styles was, without exaggeration, a dazzling spectacle, and when Edge landed that spear, it was a poetic shock of past vs. present in the organization.