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'Alaskan Bush People' Star Billy Brown Is Experiencing Major Health Complications



The Brown family might be out of the woods now that matriarch Ami Brown beat her stage-3 cancer diagnosis, but the Alaskan Bush People stars are still dealing with some health struggles in Season 11 — especially in regards to dad Billy Brown. 

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The head of the Brown clan was hospitalized briefly in October 2018 with an upper respiratory infection. At the time, son Bear Brown told fans on Instagram that he was “with Dad at the hospital," and that he was "in really bad shape this past week."

The setback was just the latest in a string of bad news for the family, from having to relocate to Washington state to eldest son Matt Brown entering rehab. 

But teasers for the Season 11 finale show that there are more complications along the way. So, what's wrong with Billy Brown?

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Source: Discovery

Billy is prone to seizures. 

Previously, on the Discovery Channel series, the 66-year-old suffered a seizure while out in the woods. At the time, son Noah Brown found his dad and wife Ami rushed to his side. 

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“Can you see me? Can you hear me?” Ami asked her husband. "I can hear you, Ami, it’s over, I’ve got it,” Billy responded.

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Son Bam Bam explained the situation to viewers, telling cameras, "To put it bluntly, Dad just had a seizure is what happened. Every now and then, he weirds out, gets all dingy, he has a seizure. It varies from so light that he can kind of hide it from you, to so bad he just goes down and loses consciousness."

In 2015, it was reported that Billy was undergoing tests to find out the cause of his seizures, which he has been experiencing since he was in a coma in 2008. 

"Everything shut down: my kidneys, my lungs. My brain swelled to like 75 percent. They literally thought that I would be child-like if I did wake up. It was really bad thing that we’ve been fighting for almost ten years now," he told Radar Online of being in a coma. "To be honest, everything is really up in the air right now. We just don’t know. We’re doing a lot of praying right now and hoping that we can continue our lifestyle."

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Ami's cancer also took a toll on Billy. 

In 2017, Billy was spotted by some fans at a local mall and it was obvious he had lost some weight, most likely due to the stress of his wife's cancer diagnosis. It was actually Billy who broke the news on the family's show. 

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"We’re in for probably a lot harder road than we’ve ever faced," he said at the time. "There’s no doubt about that." 

How is Billy doing in 2020? 

Billy was hospitalized once again for respiratory issues in early September, a complication we're likely to see unfold in the Season 11 finale. Bear told his Instagram followers at the time that his father "got out of surgery the other day," but was unfortunately "still having some major medical issues."

While Billy has achieved his dream of building his family an off-the-grid homestead in Washington, doctors cautioned that he could not return to the mountains because the elevation of the land could further take a toll on his breathing.

And while his illness has not yet been diagnosed, the family promises to receive "news that shakes the Wolfpack to the core" when Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Discovery.

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