The Real Names of the Brown Family on 'Alaskan Bush People' Might Surprise You

Do you know the real names of the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ stars? Learn more about Ami, Matt, Bam Bam, Bear, Game, Noah, Bird, and Rain Brown.


Mar. 7 2021, Published 3:46 p.m. ET

You know Ami, Bear, Bam Bam, Bird, and Rain Brown as stars of the Discovery series Alaskan Bush People, but do you know those family members’ real names? Because some might surprise you.

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The Brown family has been in the news lately, since patriarch Billy Brown died on Feb. 7 after suffering a seizure. The outdoorsman’s full name was Billy Bryan Brown, according to PopCulture, but his wife and some of his kids go by nicknames.  Keep reading to learn more about other members of the Brown family.

These are the real names of the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ stars.

In Touch recently revealed the full names for the other family members, and they range from unexpected to unsurprising:

  • Ami Brown: Amora Lee Branson Brown
  • Matt Brown: Matthew Jeremiah Brown
  • Bam Bam Brown: Joshua Bam Bam Brown
  • Bear Brown: Solomon Isaiah Freeform Brown
  • Gabe Brown: Gabriel Brown
  • Noah Brown: Noah Darkcloud Brown
  • Bird Brown: Amora Jean Snowbird Brown
  • Rain Brown: Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown.
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Ami is the matriarch of the family.

According to Discovery’s Alaskan Bush People cast bios, Billy’s widow, Ami, is an expert gardener who grows vegetables and herbs in her garden, a homeschooling expert who taught the couple’s seven children, and an avid navigator who knows her way around a chart and likes to read about celestial navigation.

Matt is a man of many interests.

Source: Discovery/YouTube

Matt is Ami and Billy’s first-born child, and Discovery says that he tries to “look after everyone” in the family. As a kid, he was a fishing and hunting prodigy, and these days, he’s interested in everything from petroglyphs to mechanics. (In 2020, People reported that two women had accused Matt of sexual assault.)

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Bam Bam is a boson extraordinaire.

Discovery describes second-born Bam Bam as a “free thinker” who serves as the boson on the family’s fishing boat: “He has to watch everything and everyone on the boat and make sure everything goes as planned and everyone stays coordinated,” his bio reveals. Bam Bam’s other interests include reading, electronics, and photography.

Bear lives up to his nickname.

True to his name, Bear is happiest in the deep forest, the cable network observes. Another similarity between him and his namesake? He hunts for meat, and he’s skilled at tracking animals even when he’s not on the hunt.

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Gabe is the resident artist of the family.

Source: Discovery/YouTube

Fourth-born Gabe has been drawing ever since he was a young boy, and these days, he has graduated into portrait painting. Like his older brothers, Gabe is a bit of a renaissance man, and he recently became fluent in sign language.

Noah is an early riser.

Noah’s bio, meanwhile, reveals that he’s the first Brown family member to rise and shine every morning, since he likes to do tai chi at sunrise. He’s also interested in poetry, physics, magic, and robotics.

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Snowbird is an animal lover.

Source: Instagram

The fifth-born Brown child and first daughter of the family, Snowbird loves being surrounded in nature, whether she’s deer-watching in the mountain meadows or relaxing riverside. Snowbird has had many pets over the years, including cats, dogs, frogs, turtles, and a squirrel.

Rain keeps her appearance on point.

Discovery describes Rain, the youngest sibling, as “generous and kind” with her family members — and always very put-together regardless of her rugged surroundings. Her likes include Nancy Drew mysteries, scary movies, and the color pink.

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