Here's Why Your Feed Is Talking About That Allegra Commercial

One user called the allergy relief commercial "quite annoying" and "beyond cringey."

Sara Belcher - Author

May 28 2024, Published 6:07 p.m. ET

The woman from the allegra commercial singing
Source: Allegra

Not every commercial is a hit, and while there are plenty out there with catchy ear-worm jingles and funny moments that stick with the viewer after they've returned to their program, the duds are sometimes more memorable than the best ones.

Allegra, the allergy medication, has a commercial featuring a less-than-stellar singer, and it's got a lot of people talking — but not necessarily about the over-the-counter allergy pill.

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The internet has some beef with this Allegra commerical.

In the Reddit community r/CommercialsIHate, users voiced their overt dislike for one of Allegra's recent commercials airing online and on television. The 30-second ad features a woman in purple, over-the-ear headphones, who is loudly singing (admittedly, pretty off-key) the song "Bulletproof" by La Roux. She marches through people at a flower stand and those doing yard work as she belts the song, looking like she stepped straight out of a Pitch Perfect scene.

The woman from the allegra commercial singing
Source: Allegra
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Despite her loud lyrics and lack of background music, none of the other people happen to notice her as she barrels through the outdoors. She's also not taking any time to stop and smell the flowers her allergy medicine has stopped her from sneezing over, either. Whatever the message Allegra was intended to send with this commercial, it seems to have missed its mark, as viewers have continuously complained about it online.

Reddit user Sufficient_Stop8381 called it "quite annoying" and "beyond cringey" in their post, and many others in the comments echoed a similar sentiment.

"What I find funny about this is not only is it an annoying commercial the girl looks annoyed or mad [like] she needs help?" user scrubbydutch commented.

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"Entitled, with a 'look at me!' attitude as she walks the street loudly squawking the music she's listening to," Unusual-Abies1541 commented. "No one wants to hear it, you're not a star."

For the most part, the viewers seem to have an issue with the fact that the woman in the commercial is singing loudly to the music in her headphones — something that is incredibly annoying when encountered in real life, and should not be endorsed by an allergy medication commercial.

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"If she found the cure for her problems, why is she so mad?" user kev_61483 commented.

"It might be a side effect of Allegra, be advised!" user scrubbydutch replied.

Some of the other users in the comments are coming to the woman's defense, pointing out that she's likely jus tacting based on the directions she was given when shooting the commercial.

"After watching it carefully each time I suspect the backlash is owed to the director who probably pushed the singer to do God knows how many takes 'this time with feeling,'" user Acrobatic-Cabinet874 commented. "I conclude the anger on her face is for whoever that person is as she does take [number whatever] and the kid almost takes her out for the umpteenth time."

Though the commercial has plenty of people talking about Allegra, it may not be for the right reasons.

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