An Amazon Driver Teamed Up With This Woman to Save a Box of Baby Kittens

A cat-loving woman credits her Amazon driver with saving three kittens. Here's the sweet story including an update on what happened to baby cats.

Melissa Willets - Author

Jun. 14 2023, Updated 1:34 p.m. ET

A woman on TikTok who shares content using the handle @elledachill is crediting her Amazon driver with rescuing three baby kittens who were left behind. The "wild" story played out by complete chance, with the cat lover agreeing to foster kittens someone else didn't want.

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Here's the sweet tail, er, tale of how a delivery person decided to appeal to the TikToker to help take care of all three kittens — and an update on where they ended up, including the kitten that the TikToker named "Amazon Bob."

An Amazon driver appealed to this cat lover to help with unwanted kittens, and boy, did she!

As this kitty-obsessed TikTok creator shares in her retelling of the Amazon kitten saga, one day her delivery driver said to her, "I saw you have a cat."

It turns out that another house he delivered to had "a box full of kittens" that the owner said she didn't want and "couldn't take care of."

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That's when the driver appealed to the cat lover to keep the kittens, saying he would "come back for them later."

Soon, we see that the TikToker is clearly smitten with the kittens, proclaiming, "They're so tiny!" From there, she goes out to get formula for the babies.

"Say thank you, Amazon driver, for saving me," she purrs to the pets after they've been fed.

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All the kittens ended up finding a home — including the one called "Amazon Bob."

The cat lover soon shared an update about what happened with the kittens. During the follow-up TikTok, she said two of the kitties found homes, but admitted that one of the small cats stayed with her, and she named him "Bobcat," or, as she nicknamed him in a later update, "Amazon Bob."

Upon sharing that she was the person who found the cats homes, many commenters under the TikTok videos asked if the Amazon driver had ever come back to get them.

It wasn't made clear if he had come back, or if she just wanted to take on the task of rehoming the cats herself.

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Meanwhile, many commenters expressed disappointment that their Amazon drivers aren't dropping off boxes of baby kittens on their front doorsteps.

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"Why does this not happen to me? Why?" demanded one such heartbroken person.

"All my Amazon driver delivers is packages. Rude," sniped someone else who hadn't been so lucky.

While dozens and dozens of commenters lamented that their Amazon driver has failed to deliver kittens to their front doors, many others vented their anger over the kittens being separated from the mom cat.

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But in the end, it seems all is well that ends well, with the cat-loving TikToker having adopted a new family member, and the other cats being rehomed.

At time of writing, she hadn't clarified if the Amazon driver came back, but it seems that she wasn't worried about the situation — so why should we be?

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Since the incident went viral, the TikToker has continued to share updates on the Amazon cats, including videos of her loving on "Amazon Bob," whose best friend is their family dog. Go figure!

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