Woman Says an Amazon Employee Who Handled Her Package Began Stalking Her on Social Media

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 1 2023, Published 12:13 p.m. ET

Sorry not sorry, but working at Amazon doesn’t exactly seem like a dream job. Amidst all the jokes about how blissful it was when CEO Jeff Bezos left Earth for ten minutes and employees not getting lunch, three drivers actually filed a lawsuit against the e-commerce behemoth claiming that they were denied the right to use the bathroom and forced to pee in bottles.

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Clearly, employee satisfaction isn’t at an all time high. In fact, this worker's viral video of Amazon employees getting grilled cheeses instead of raises further proves that.

That said, I empathize with Amazon workers and hope things improve for them. But unfair working conditions doesn’t just mean employees can act unprofessional and overstep massive boundaries with customers. One Amazon shopper took to TikTok, revealing that one worker seemingly stalked her online and began sending her private messages on social media about a package she ordered.

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Employees sort parcels from online retailer Amazon at distribution center
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Woman says Amazon worker started messaging her online and sent her a photo of her package.

One woman named Jamie took to TikTok to share the unusual and somewhat disturbing interaction she had with an Amazon employee.

She explains that while she was watching a movie, she got a message request on Facebook. "It said 'I got your package here,'" Jamie recalled, adding that the sender included a photo.

She immediately thought it was a scam and ignored the message, but the sender followed up, writing, "Sorry, I was just bored."

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Now, she was curious and decided to open the message to view the photo, which showed her package from Amazon with her name and address it.

"So an employee of Amazon looked at my package, took their phone out, looked my name up, found me on Facebook, and sent me a private message. Like am I the only one who thinks this is like wicked f------ creepy?" she said into the camera.

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Alarmed by what had transpired, Jamie got in contact via phone with a customer service rep seeking answers. The rep agreed that the message was creepy and so did their boss, who in an email, asked Jamie to send him screenshots of the Facebook conversation.

However, he asked her to send these screenshot via in a DM to the Amazon Help account on X, which seemed like a very strange and specific ask.

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In a follow-up video, Jamie explained that after sending those screenshots on X in a DM, the only response she got was "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have forwarded it to the proper channels."

Jamie also noted that the worker who creepily messaged her on Facebook was likely someone who worked in either a fufillment or manufacturing center, given the background of the photo they sent her.

That said, she blocked this user on the platform and typed their name into every other social media platform she could think of and proactively blocked them there.

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In another update, Jamie revealed that she finally got the package in question from Amazon. But weirdly enough, it was on her neighbor's stoop and her neighbor's package was on her stoop. After a quick switcharoo, Jamie began opening her package, worried that the worker who Facebook messaged her could have slipped something into the box.

Chills were further sent down her spine when she noticed that her package wasn't sealed on one side, appearing as if someone had tampered with it prior to delivery.

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Fortunately, it was a false alarm and the package contained exactly what she ordered and nothing more.

The latest from Jamie is that she has a phone call scheduled with a member of Amazon's Executive Customer Relations team to try and piece together more of what happened. Fingers crossed she can finally get some answers.

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