"The Only Thing I Got From the Hospital After My Births Was PTSD" — Americans Envious of Scottish Baby Box

A video on TikTok explaining a baby box that Scottish parents get in the mail for after they give birth has Americans reacting pretty strongly.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Sep. 11 2023, Published 11:57 a.m. ET

There are a lot of things that some countries get right about raising children, giving birth, and having paid maternity leave. And most of us are in agreement that the United States is sorely lacking in all areas. As a mom of two myself, I am inclined to agree. Especially since one TikTok user, @_jen_hamilton_, whose real name is Jen, shared a "baby box" that new parents get in Scotland after they give birth, which is something I sure could have used after either of my kids' births.

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And, as to be expected, the reactions to the Scottish baby box for babies are the most entertaining part of all of this. The box itself contains things parents need shortly after they arrive home with their new baby. But everything Americans have to say about the box and the mere gesture speak volumes about what many of us could use in the U.S.

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Americans share reactions to the Scottish baby box.

In the video, Jen, who is a labor and delivery nurse, shares her side-by-side reaction to a Scottish woman opening a baby box. The voiceover from the original video with the box lets us know that the baby box includes literature about safe sleep practices for infants and breastfeeding help, breast pads, maternity pads, a play mat, books, a teething toy, a thermometer, and a bath thermometer, just to name a handful of the items.

The goal, though, as explained in the original video that Jen is duetting in hers, is to give women in Scotland an equal shot at motherhood right out of the gate.

"The point in the box is so every baby has got the same start in life," the video explains. "And the actual box itself is made so that a baby can actually sleep in it."

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As the video progresses, we see that the Scottish baby box also includes baby clothes, ranging in size from newborn all the way up to 3-6 months old. There's even a mattress fitted inside the box since, remember, the box can be used as a makeshift bassinet for a little while. And it includes two fitted sheets.

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The box is basically Mary Poppins's magical suitcase, with more and more items coming out of it just when you think you've reached the bottom. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't incredibly envious of this apparent nationwide gift that expectant moms get in Scotland. Especially since the U.S. healthcare system goes as far as to bill you for infant Tylenol, should your newborn require it after his circumcision. Yes, true story on my part.

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Some people suggested what an American baby box would have in it.

I'm not the only one totally shocked by the mere idea of the baby box that Scotland hands out each time someone has a new baby. One user commented under the TikTok, "Oh my word. Literally get nothing but a hospital bill in America." Another pointed out, "We pay enough in taxes that this should be done in the USA!" And they aren't wrong, to be honest.

Not only do we not get baby boxes in the U.S., but as many pointed out in their comments, there are also ridiculous expectations put on women at their places of employment shortly after giving birth.

"Meanwhile in America… 'I know you just gave birth last week, but will you be coming in to your shift tomorrow?'" One user commented.

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And another joked, "Well here in America, sometimes your employer has to promise not to fire you if you take time off to give birth, so…" To be fair, though, when we give birth in U.S. hospitals, we do get a few reusable cups of water with a straw. So it totally evens out.

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Oh yeah, and we get to take home extra diapers that are on the supply cart in our rooms. So there's that, right? And, according to one mom, her most memorable gift from the hospital after giving birth was her "PTSD."

The point is, we all know that the U.S. healthcare system is lacking in a myriad of areas. And when you see what other countries give their citizens with no issue, it makes those shortcomings even more hard to stomach. Especially for moms, thank you very much.

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