Why Is 'Teen Mom' Star Dr. Drew Appearing on 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation'?

Angelina and Deena have managed to make up, but Angelina and JWoww are still not on speaking terms. What initially caused the drama between them?

Toni Sutton - Author

Mar. 18 2021, Updated 1:26 p.m. ET

Dr. Drew on Jersey Shore
Source: MTV

If you’re a fan of the Teen Mom series, then you are more than familiar with Dr. Drew Pinsky, who hosts the Teen Mom reunion specials. In Episode 11 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 4, the guys try their hardest to get JWoww and Angelina to talk to one another, but every idea they've had has failed horribly. 

As a last resort, Ronnie decides that the only way to put the Angelina and JWoww drama to rest is if he enlists Dr. Drew to sit and talk with everyone. What?!

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Ronnie calls up Dr. Drew and gives him a quick rundown of what’s been going on, and Dr. Drew agrees to fly out to Las Vegas. As the episode ends, the boys get JWoww and Deena to the suite, and waiting for them is Dr. Drew. How crazy. This is definitely the Teen MomJersey Shore crossover viewers never knew they needed!

Why is there Angelina and JWoww drama?

In Angelina’s short time on the Jersey Shore, she has managed to cause arguments between herself and almost every roommate. When the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation spinoff aired nine years later, Angelina decided to appear on the show and be a part of the family again. Despite the fact that she was able to make things right (for the most part) with Snooki, JWoww, and Deena, it wouldn’t be long until they had another major falling out. 

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The huge blowout would come right in the middle of Angelina’s wedding reception that took place in November 2019. The wedding episode aired during the Season 3 finale of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. The girls got up to give their bridesmaids speech, and Angelina did not approve at all. During the speech, the ladies playfully poked fun at Angelina, saying things like "You’re the trash to our bags” and the “lice to our hair," and received boos from guests at the wedding. 

Source: MTV
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Angelina was so upset that she stormed off, and the girls were upset as well from all the backlash they received from guests. Snooki vowed at the wedding that she was quitting the show, and JWoww blamed Snooki's leaving on Angelina. As the season finale aired, the drama wasn't over for Angelina and her costars, with their cryptic back-and-forth posts on social media, which added more fuel to the fire. Deena and Angelina have begun to mend their friendship, but she and JWoww have a long way to go.

Source: MTV
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Dr. Drew may have not been able to solve all their problems.

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, Vinny and Pauly D talk about Dr. Drew's appearance on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. When asked if Dr. Drew was able to help squash the drama, especially between Angelina and JWoww, Vinny said, "Hell no. It was hard enough to get Angelina, Deena, and Jenni in the same room."

Pauly D told them, "It was a lot of work for the guys to put that together, and that's in real life, television, and everything. We couldn't believe it actually happened." He also added that he respects both of their sides for certain reasons but still wishes the ladies didn’t let it get to that extent. "They both had valid points ... but at the end of the day, we are family and families do fight," he said.

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Source: MTV

Hopefully, as more time passes the Angelina and JWoww drama will eventually end. 

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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