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Look at These 'Animal Crossing' Memes Instead of Paying off Your Debt to Tom Nook



If you've managed to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch to buy your own game of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you know the long-awaited title is rapidly consuming all of your time. Between expanding your house, decorating your island, and paying off your debt to Tom Nook, there's no time left for anything else in the day.

In case you're one of the sorry saps who hasn't been able to travel to your own deserted island via Animal Crossing, these memes accurately sum up what it's like to play the game.

Let's face it, the number of hours you've spent on 'Animal Crossing' is embarrassing.

Don't lie — you've looked at how many hours you've put into this game and felt at least a little bit of embarrassment.

You thought Tom Nook was a crook? Wait until you meet Redd.

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While Tom Nook may be swindling you out of millions of bells while exploiting you for free labor, Redd will actually sell you a fake painting that is completely worthless without telling you it's fake. But you'll go back, because buying his paintings is the only way to fill your art gallery.

Tom Nook knows he's exploiting you — but if you want KK Slider to visit your island, you'll do what he wants.

Let's face it — Tom Nook could've called up KK Slider to do a concert on your island whenever he wanted, but instead he made you do all of this development on the land for an arbitrary three-star rating.

So you'll still lay down landscaping block by boring block.

Raise your hand if you've also given up on a project halfway through because you just couldn't stand how tedious this process is.

You villagers will pick singing in the town square over any of the fun areas you've laid out for them every time.

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If you thought one of your villagers singing in the town square was annoying, wait till the other villagers join in. 

Timmy and Tommy are so supportive.

Let's be honest, if they didn't pay you for all of the weeds and trash you find while collecting resources (even if you don't turn them into something resembling a useful item), paying off your loans would be so much harder.

Does anyone else find Isabelle's daily announcements a little annoying some days?

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Everytime I log on, I get really excited she's going to give me a new recipe, only to be disappointed when she talks about her favorite cooking show instead.

When you visit the museum during the day.

Poor Blathers. He's the only employee at the museum, so of course he's going to try to sneak in a nap here and there.

The 'Tiger King' crossover you didn't know you needed.

No further comment necessary.

Some people just enjoy tormenting their villagers.

The poor guy. Apparently, if you put a hamster cage where one of your hamster villagers can see it, they'll interact with it and get really sad. 

When even Timmy and Tommy are affected by the toilet paper shortage.

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It's probably best to stock up now, while they still have some.

The bass are arguably the worst part of the game.

What does that joke even mean?! 

Seriously, the bass could be deleted from the game and no one would miss them.

Please, just spare us from this misery. Get rid of the bass. They're not even worth anything.

In fact, this song perfectly sums up my feelings about bass.

Would it be so bad to actually catch an oarfish or a snapping turtle instead? For once?

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