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Source: Instagram

The Dolan Twins Are Taking a Break From YouTube — but What Does This Mean for Their Channel?


Well, we can certainly say that we didn't see this one coming. Grayson and Ethan Dolan — aka the Dolan Twins — are two of the most recognizable faces of YouTube stardom. The 19-year-olds first gained fame on the now-defunct app Vine, but they transitioned to making YouTube videos and have profited off of their joint channel. 

The Dolan Twins just purchased a $2 million home, and fans thought this meant that the brothers would be expanding their vlogging empire. But, after a sit-down interview with Shane Dawson, things are moving in a different direction for the Dolan Twins.

Are the Dolan Twins quitting YouTube? We're breaking down their emotional interview with Shane Dawson, and what it means for the fans of their channel.