Tolú and Chris Were Confident They Found Their 'Perfect Match' in Each Other (SPOILERS)

“My relationship with Chris as of current is non-existent and I intend to keep it that way," Tolú told Netflix's Tudum.

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Jul. 11 2024, Updated 1:21 p.m. ET

Chris Hahn and Tolú Ekundare pose for their official 'Perfect Match' Season 2 portraits.
Source: Ana Blumenkron/Netflix

Spoiler alert: This article contains major spoilers from Season 2 of Perfect Match.

One of the most surprising and beloved couples from Season 2 of Perfect Match is Tolú Ekundare and Chris Hahn. Starting off as friends on the hit Netflix series, they eventually developed a deep romantic bond that carries them through to the finale.

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However, like any couple, Tolú and Chris face challenges along the way. Tolú, known for winning Season 1 of The Trust: A Game of Greed, initially questions Chris's sincerity and true feelings for her. However, by the end of the season, they overcome their obstacles and decide to leave the tropical villa hand in hand.

But, where do they stand today? Are Tolú and Chris still together? Here's what we know.

Tolú Ekundare sits on Chris Hahn's lap as they kiss in Season 2 of 'Perfect Match.'
Source: Netflix
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So, are Tolú and Chris from 'Perfect Match' still together?

Tolú and Chris ended their relationship after Season 2 of Perfect Match wrapped. In an after-show clip shared on Tolú's Instagram, both addressed their breakup. Chris confirmed the split, saying things didn't end well, while Tolú responded bluntly, asking, "What relationship?" suggesting it has already been erased from her mind.

Chris went on to say that while they were “definitely a perfect match,” he attributed the breakup to her hearing "some negative feedback from my side of things which is kind of annoying because she didn’t really trust, you know, what I was saying about everything. She kind of just listened to everyone else." He also mentioned that the long-distance relationship wasn't suitable for them.

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Chris Hahn and Tolú Ekundare smile and touch foreheads in Season 2 of 'Perfect Match.'
Source: Netflix

As for Tolú, she said "I feel like the curtains opened, and you know, you saw the man behind the curtain. I didn’t like the man behind the curtain.” While speaking with Netflix's Tudum, Tolú explained, “There were ups and downs with my experience with Chris in the house."

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While she says she doesn't "regret it," she acknowledged that she "learned a lot about myself, what I want in a relationship, and what I will never settle for in a partner. So fortunately for me, our relationship did not go past Mexico.”

To further confirm that her relationship with Chris didn't end well, Tolú said, “My relationship with Chris as of current is non-existent and I intend to keep it that way.”

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A few 'Perfect Match' contestants doubted Tolú and Chris's compatibility.

During their final date, Tolú and Chris have a serious discussion about how to navigate a long-distance relationship, given Chris lives in California and Tolú in Texas.

Chris can't stop gushing about how unexpectedly genuine his connection with Tolú feels, adding that he's all in for making things work between them outside the show. Tolú gets emotional and thanks him for making her feel incredibly "wanted and beautiful."

Tolú, with a sad expression on her face, wraps her arms around Chris's shoulders in Season 2 of 'Perfect Match.'
Source: Netflix
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Now, even though Tolú and Chris truly believe they are meant for each other (while filming, at least), their fellow cast members aren't quite sold. During the final meeting, they face an interrogation from the eliminated contestants.

Chris confidently declares that Tolú embodies all the qualities he's been searching for and insists they "fell in love with each other." Tolú reflects on how their romance naturally grew from friendship, revealing she nearly left the show before realizing her feelings for Chris.

Despite their claims, doubts linger among the group. In fact, Dominique Defoe questions Chris's authenticity, while Trevor Sova, Melinda Melrose, and Xanthi Perdikomatis remain skeptical. Trevor even calls out Chris for saying he simply wants to "stay in contact" with Tolú instead of showing more certainty and commitment in their relationship.

The group's doubts now seem justified, as Tolú and Chris are clearly over each other and aren't looking back.

Perfect Match is now streaming on Netflix.

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