Meet Ariel's Sisters from 'The Little Mermaid' — From the Animated Original to the Live-Action Remake

Did you know that Disney changed the names of Ariel's sisters for their live action version of the movie?

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Feb. 26 2024, Published 9:16 a.m. ET

Ariel and her sisters
Source: Disney

Everyone always loves the princess of the seas, Ariel, from The Little Mermaid. After all, she's the star of the story as she triumphs love through hopeless romantic eyes. However, she comes from a family full of even more fair mermaid maidens.

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In fact, there are seven gorgeous daughters of King Triton. They have a few different names that they go by, including the Seven Princesses of Atlantica and the Daughters of Triton.

Halle Berry singing while playing Ariel
Source: Disney
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Who are Ariel's sisters?

Seven total daughters means Ariel has six sisters. They're distinguishable largely by their tail colors.

  • Arista - Red
  • Attina - Orange
  • Adella - Yellow
  • Aquata - Blue
  • Andrina - Purple
  • Alana - Pink

With so many Little Mermaid variations out now, the artistic representation of the sisters sometimes changes. For example, in the prequel movie that was later released, their eye colors are different, too.

  • Arista - Ice blue
  • Attina - Green
  • Adella - Teal
  • Aquata - Brown
  • Andrina - Hazel
  • Alana - Violet
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Ariel and her sisters in the live action movie
Source: Disney


The eldest daughter of King Triton is Attina. It's pretty clear that she's set to take over Atlantica when her dad dies, putting a great deal of pressure on her. In typical older sister fashion, she gets a bit bossy at times. That being said, she's still calm and close with Ariel.

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Next up comes Alana who is a little bit self-absorbed. She's all about looks, beauty, and fashion. Nonetheless, it's not too excessive to the point where she doesn't care about others. Some versions of the story depict Alana as more shy and reserved, despite her affinity to beauty.


Upbeat Adella just wants to give a boy a smooch... and she does. While she's friendly, Adella is a bit wrapped up in the craze of romance. Luckily, her little crush amounts to a kiss with a merboy named Stevie.

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Aquata is very particular about how she likes things, especially how she handles her own belongings. She struggles when others borrow her possessions. In another variation of the tale (or should we say tail), she's actually the oldest and there is a storyline about her nerves taking over the title of Queen. This could suggest that her general personality struggles with her royal status.

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Unfortunately for Aquata, Arista has a tendency to take her things. She has a lot of energy and wants to be able to keep up with Ariel's curious side, so she joins in on adventures. In some variations and stories she's more loosey-goosey while in others she plays it safe when it comes to rules.


There's less really known about Andrina than some of the others, but we do know that she's totally sassy and has a little bit of spunk to her. Not to mention, Andrina is sort of a major gossip, although she's also very witty. Andrina has a mixed bag of personality with none of these aspects being too over-bearing or insufferable.

Who are Ariel's sisters in 'The Little Mermaid' remake?

It's also worth noting that the live action version changes up their names. This can make it a little tricky to keep track of everyone for those who enjoy the new generation of Disney.

  • Arista - Karina
  • Attina - Mala
  • Adella - Caspia
  • Aquata - Tamika
  • Andrina - Perla
  • Alana - Indira
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