Everything We Know About TikTok Star Ashley McAdam's Struggles

What happened to Ashley McAdam? The TikTok star has left fans quite alarmed after posting a slew of unexplained videos.


May 25 2022, Updated 12:58 p.m. ET

Cryptic posts are not an uncommon feature on TikTok. Often, a trend is obscure enough that it leads people to look it up online and ultimately try to better understand where it started. Sometimes, though, the most confusing things on TikTok are videos where someone is being intentionally withholding about their personal life.

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That's exactly what's happening with Ashley McAdam, whom many are now concerned about after she posted a series of videos that seemed to be about her husband. With that being said, what happened to Ashley and her family? Keep reading for all of the known details.

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What happened to TikTok star Ashley McAdam?

Recently, Ashley has been posting a series of videos on her TikTok in which she asks for prayers and seems to be going through a very difficult time. In the first video, Ashley writes, "Please send prayers for my family, we are in such a bad situation. Everything was looking up and it came crashing so quick."

This initial video naturally left many people curious about what had happened to Ashley and her family, and while she has posted several videos since that first one, she hasn't explained exactly what's going on. In fact, she's even asked her fans to stop asking her what's going on, saying that for now, TikTok is just an outlet where she can express her feelings.

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"TikTok is just an outlet right now," Ashley wrote in one video. "I can't comment back. I love y'all. Prayers please."

"I'm fighting the biggest battle of my life right now," Ashley wrote in another video.

In a third, she posted a photo of a hairy arm writing "I love you" on a clipboard in what appeared to be a hospital bed.

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Reports online are claiming that Ashley's husband, Jesse McAdam, harmed himself.

Although the reports have yet to be confirmed by any major news source or by Ashley herself, rumors are circulating online that the reason behind Ashley's string of videos is that her husband, Jesse "Jay" McAdam, shot himself. One user on Reddit — whose connection to the situation is unclear — claims Ashley says there was a domestic dispute between her and Jesse, prompting the latter to use the weapon on himself.

When another user replied asking where Jesse shot himself, the original poster said that the bullet entered in the "facial/head area," adding later, "I was told he had surgery on his esophagus and a couple other things."

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It's important to reiterate that none of these reports have been confirmed as of the time of writing. As for Jesse's current condition, the latest information fans have received was a post on TikTok by Ashley on May 24, 2022, with the caption, "I will stand by you."

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Despite not clarifying her situation, Ashley has received tons of messages of support.

Even though plenty of fans still aren't totally sure what's going on with Ashley, she's gotten tons of messages of support. While she's turned comments off on her TikTok video, her supporters have flocked to her Instagram page to send her positive energy.

"You too sweetie. I know things are rough for you right now. Just keep your head high. God is on your side. Time is on your side. Be confident that is what's going to persevere through this hardship," one person wrote.

"Prayers and positive vibes your way!!!" another person added.

"We love you so much. Reach out if we can do anything to help. I'm in Arkansas and would drive through the night to help you anytime," a third wrote.

Although Ashley may be going through a very trying time in her life, it's clear that those who have followed her online want her to know that she's loved and supported.

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