Wives Are Going Viral on TikTok With Pop Quizzes for Their Husbands

“It’s embarrassing when husbands don’t know the answers,” one user contended.


May 7 2024, Published 5:51 p.m. ET

You never can predict what will take off on TikTok, but even so, wives asking their husbands questions seems like a mundane topic to be as popular a trend as it is!

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Case in point: Megan Hunsaker, the TikTok user behind the @meglskalla account, has already racked up 2.6 million views with her contribution to the trend: a video captioned, “Asking my husband things he should know about our kids.”

The “asking my husband questions” trend has wives giving their partners pop quizzes.

In Megan’s video, she explained the trend. “Wives are asking their husbands questions that they should know the answers to,” she said. “Like, it’s embarrassing when husbands don’t know the answers.”

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She then put her husband’s parenting knowledge to the test, asking questions about what brand of bottles and diapers they buy, which detergent they use, which detergent she wishes they use, what size of clothing and shoes their kids wear, what their doctor’s name is, and how many months apart their two kids are.

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Megan’s husband passed with flying colors, scoring 10 out of 10 (even though he thought Megan’s desired detergent brand, Noodle & Boo, was called “Noodle Doodle.”)

“I’m an involved parent!” the husband cheered, pumping his fists in victory.

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Wives are also posing hypothetical questions to their husbands.

In another example of wives asking their husband questions, Michelle of the TikTok account @thehowryfamily asked hubby Shayne what seems like a stumper: If she were to die and he were to remarry, next to which wife would he be buried?

But Shayne didn’t buy into the hypothetical. “Why the hell am I getting remarried?” he asked Michelle. “You know how much work I had to put in just to marry you?”

He also pledged that if she died, he would want to, too. “Like, are we going to Romeo and Juliet this s--t? … I’m gonna buy, like, probably, like, a Bugatti or some s--t, and we’re just gonna Thelma & Louise it off a cliff.”

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And then there’s the “man or bear” question.

Speaking of hypotheticals, Lilianna Wilde (@liliannawilde) posed a toughie to her husband, Midnight Village lead singer Sean Kolar. “If I were alone in the woods, would you rather me encounter a bear or a man?” Lilianna asked, in a video seen by 2.4 million TikTok users. (FYI, this “man or bear” question has gone viral on social media, CNN reports.)

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“I feel more like bear, I don’t know, ‘cause I feel like I know what the outcome would be with a bear, even if was, like, an aggressive one,” Sean responded. “I don’t know what the outcome would be with, like, a bad man. So I think I’d lean more toward the bear. I mean, both situations, I guess you hope for a good man and a good bear, but I feel like you’re more likely to anticipate what a bear would than what a man would do.”

Many commenters — at least, those not distracted by Sean’s nail polish — appreciated the response. “This man gets it,” one person wrote. “It’s all about the risk analysis.”

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