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The 'Attack on Titan' Manga Is Officially Done — Here Are the Best Memes About the Ending

Kori Williams - Author

Apr. 19 2021, Updated 2:08 p.m. ET

For fans of Attack on Titan, it may be a time full of mixed feelings. The manga is completely finished and the final chapter was leaked in April 2021. People who have kept up with the series have followed Eren (and his friends) as he discovers what the Titans actually are, what they want, and how to best use them.

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But there is still some hope. The manga is over but the Attack on Titan anime still has to give us part two of the last season. The first part is currently available to stream on Funimation and Hulu, but the second part is most likely coming either late in 2021 or early the following year. Now that the manga is over, not everyone is happy about the ending. 

Twitter has some great memes about the 'Attack on Titan' ending.

In expected Twitter fashion, as soon as the final Attack on Titan chapter leaked, there were some great memes. Reactions to the ending have really run the gamut. Some think it was rushed, some say it's not what they expected, and some think it's just plain bad. It's even getting compared to Game of Thrones — and fans weren't happy with that ending either.

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However you feel about the ending of Attack on Titan, who knew you could make so many great memes out of content all about death, destruction, and accidentally discovering you're the thing you've feared all your life? Some creative souls have done just that. Here are the best memes about the Attack on Titan ending. (Spoiler alert, obviously!)

When the ending is just... not it.

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When you realize Eren never got what he really wanted.

When you've watched the whole series just for it to end like this.

attack on titan ending memes
Source: Twitter
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When you try to describe the ending to friends who don't watch anime.

When you only watch 'AoT' after Eren's glow up.

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When the fight between Mikasa and Annie lives on.

When you have to face facts: Nothing about this anime is happy.

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When you never thought AoT would be the manga with the bad ending.

When the ending was too predictable.

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When you're not ready for your fave anime to end.

When the ending could just be an extended April Fool's joke.

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When the 'AoT' anime and manga end around the same time.

When all your favorites end around the same time.

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When Eren becomes your favorite bird boy.

When the ending reminds you too much of 'Game of Thrones.'

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When Zeke isn't exactly wrong.

When the bird memes are the worst thing on the internet.

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When you should just write a better ending if you want one so bad.

When it's a relief at least that the ending wasn't this.

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