People Are Now Using the TikTok Shapeshift Filter to Rate Their Attractiveness

The attractive scale on TikTok claims to rate you based on how conventionally attractive you are, but how does the filter actually work?


Jun. 21 2021, Published 11:39 a.m. ET

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Although there are plenty of benefits to social media, one of the biggest negatives can be the harm it does to your self-esteem. The attractive scale, which is now trending on TikTok, seems to confirm your level of conventional "attractiveness," although the scale it uses may not be as objective as some would hope. Regardless of how good the filter and scale are, many want to know exactly what the scale is, and how to use it.

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The attractive scale uses the shapeshifting filter on TikTok.

The shapeshifting filter was already popular on TikTok thanks to a number of other trends in which users took advantage of it. The filter works by taking an image of a users' face and shifting it into the image of someone else. So, in an image which has many faces, the shapeshifting filter works by selecting the face that your face most closely resembles, and shifting your face into that person's face.

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On the attractive scale, users allow the filter to shift their faces into the faces of popular celebrities. Those celebrities are rated from a one to a 10, which supposedly helps you determine how attractive you are. One of the most popular versions of the scale places Chris Hemsworth and Ian Somerhalder as 10s on the male side, while Emma Watson is the sole 10 for women. The male scale also has Daniel Kaluuya as a six, while The Office's Jenna Fischer is a seven on the women's side.

Although the trend has gotten popular on TikTok in recent days, there are many who question whether the scale is an accurate representation of various levels of attractiveness. Some users are also complaining because the filter seems to give many users the same celebrity: Adriana Lima, who is a nine on the women's side. “Every white girl with black hair gets Adriana," one user said.

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Some users are using the shapeshift filter in reverse.

In addition to using the shapeshifting filter in the normal way, you can also use it in reverse. In these videos, a user starts with a photo of a group of people, and then uses the filter to shapeshift one of those photos into a picture of themselves. With respect to the hotness scale, that means that users start with the images of the scale, and then the shapeshift filter selects one of the photos and transitions to the users' face.

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Functionally, the reverse version achieves the same thing, determining which person you look most like, although it can sometimes produce hilarious results. Women may find themselves being shapeshifted from men, etc. The filter is far from perfect, and whether the scale that's being used makes any sense at all is also up for debate.

Ultimately, though, the attractive scale trend is harmless as long as users understand that it's not the end of the world if they don't get the most favorable rating. It's designed to be a fun gag, and you can be pleased with a good result, but a more unfavorable rating certainly isn't the end of the world.

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