A New Disney Filter Allows Users to Change Their Faces Into Pixar Caricatures


Jun. 17 2021, Published 1:31 p.m. ET

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Recent trends focused on turning yourself have been all the rage on social media. Some turn you into a Disney princess, while others might turn you into a character out of an anime series. Now, the latest filter taking over TikTok and other social media apps allows you to transform your face into a Pixar animation, and many users want to know how to find the filter.

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Here's how to find the Disney filter on TikTok.

As it turns out, the filter that allows users to transform their faces into Pixar characters is not on TikTok. Instead, it's a filter on Snapchat or one that you can apply through an independent app.

On Snapchat, the filter is actually known as a lens, and there are three different lenses that you can apply that all give you slightly different cartoon faces.

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Cartoon 3D Style is the most realistic lens, and also the one that most closely resembles Pixar's signature style of animation. The lens also allows users to choose their gender. Snapchat's lens is an evolution over the Voila AI Artist app because it allows for motion. That means you can make movies as a cartoon, and those movies will move with you. Thankfully, you can download the movies you make with the lens, and repost them to a platform like TikTok or Snapchat.

Here's how to use the Cartoon 3D Style lens on Snapchat.

To get a Pixar-ed version of yourself, all you need to do is go to the camera screen and click the smiling face to the right of the camera button. A search bar will appear in the bottom right, and if you type cartoon into the search bar, the lenses will appear.

You then choose the Cartoon 3D Style lens and choose to use it for either images or movies.

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Voila AI Artist also allows you to transform your face into a cartoon.

Although Snapchat allows you to make movies, the Voila AI Artist app also allows users to transform their faces into a cartoon, but only in images.

Once you've downloaded the app, all you need to do is select 3D Cartoon Mode, and then you can take or select a photo. Once you've selected the photo you want to animate, Voila will render the image and create a grid.

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The grid will feature the original photo, plus three alternate versions of the photo with various animated filters. You can select which over one of these photos you like and save it.

Now that Snapchat has released a version of the filter that allows users to make movies, it seems Voila will have some competition for users who want to see what they would look like in a Pixar movie. Snapchat's innovation is just the latest update to the filter, but it's one that makes it possible to act out entire scenes with animated faces. TikTok may be one of the places where these videos are flourishing, but this time at least, it's not where they originated.

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