Woman Witnesses a Random Hit-and-Run, Asks Internet to Help Her Find "Audi Daddy"

This woman does everything she can to help out an Audi daddy after she witnesses a hit and run with no one else around. Here's what happened.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 7 2023, Published 2:09 p.m. ET

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? By that same measure, if a vehicle crashes into another vehicle and no one is around to witness it, can you get away with it?

Well luckily, we may not have to worry about someone getting away with a hit-and-run, thanks to the surprising diligence of one woman on TikTok.

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In early September 2023, Jesse Lynn (@jesselynnharte) posted about having witnessed a hit-and-run involving someone's parked Audi vehicle. Luckily, this good Samaritan took to TikTok to help them potentially find justice for the "Audi daddy" of the car. Here's what went down.

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A woman witnessed a hit-and-run incident and is trying to track down the "Audi daddy" of the damaged vehicle.

Jesse minced no words in her TikTok, where she details everything she could safely share on a public platform in order to address this issue. She happened to be walking down the street with her 3-year-old when she saw everything that happened.

"If you live in New York City and you drive an Audi and the last part of your license plate is 'daddy,' unfortunately I just saw a hit-and-run of your car."

According to her, an Amazon truck slammed into this Audi and simply drove away.

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Whether the owner of this car is a proud father to their children or just really really really likes their Audi, they'll no doubt be disappointed to see that their car was basically totaled. As seen in Jesse's video, the left headlight was completely smashed and the front left tire was flat. This was by no means a minor accident, to say nothing of the fact that the perpetrator fled the scene.

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Luckily, Jesse went above and beyond for the newly dubbed "Audi daddy." She made sure to grab a pic of the license plate number of the truck and even called the police, who did not end up responding right away.

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"I hate to be the bearer of bad news," Jesse admitted in the video. "But on the plus side, you had me watching on the street and I got a photo."

She even insisted that the vehicle owner send her a DM to get the matter sorted out.

Folks in the comments not only hope that the Audi daddy sees this TikTok, but they also commend Jesse for going the extra mile of doing everything she could to reach out to this person.

"Watching in NYC [and] Audi daddy owes you a reward," one person claimed.

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However, other folks were perturbed that the police were so unresponsive. According to Jesse, she called the police multiple times with no response. After she called 911 and being told that a car would arrive on the scene, no one came after she waited in the heat.

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On the one hand, it can be super frustrating to arrive at your car only to find that it's been totaled with no visible recourse to try and address this accident. On the other hand, it was incredibly fortunate that someone like Jesse worked so hard and did everything she could to help out a complete stranger.

As of this writing, Audi Daddy hasn't reached out about their car, but we can only hope that Jesse's hard work pays off.

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