These 'Avengers' Actors Are Superheroes IRL

It turns out that a lot of the actors who play Avengers are heroes off-camera as well. Learn about their real-life heroics.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Apr. 16 2020, Updated 5:21 p.m. ET

seattle childrens hospital pratt evans
Source: seattle children's hospital

It's always kinda crummy to find out  your favorite celebrities, athletes, and public figures aren't very good people in reality.

But for every Gandhi or Steve Jobs out there, there is a famous person who exceeds expectations. It's pretty awesome to discover that the peeps who play our favorite superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are actually great folks when the cameras aren't rolling. Read on to learn more about their good deeds.

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Paul Rudd

Ant-Man did some big things off camera when he got a prop Captain America shield and had everyone from the Avengers cast to sign it. Paul then sold the shield for $53,000 and donated every cent of it to charity. 

Brie Larson

brie larson
Source: marvel

A tweet from Larson inspired a GoFund me campaign launched by to help girls see Captain Marvel. It started when a teacher told Brie on Twitter that her female students are now all huge fans after seeing the Captain Marvel trailer. The #CaptainMarvelChallenge was not the first hashtag-driven campaign from, which also launched a #BlackPantherChallenge just last year. 

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Chris Hemsworth

Source: instagram

Known for his heart of gold, this man’s done so much good for his fans and, in one case, even helped out someone who had know idea who he is. An unassuming hitchhiker named Scott landed a sweet ride with Thor, who was driving with his pal Luke Zocchi. Not only did he enjoy the road trip, but he was later surprised to join Chris and Luke on a stunning helicopter ride to Byron Bay. Little did he know he was going to be hanging out with Thor himself when he first hitched that ride. 

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Robert Downey Jr.

rdj tiger
Source: instagram

Robert Downey Jr. loves being a philanthropist on and off screen. He dabbles in many causes, usually involving children and dressing up in whatever makes them laugh and warms their heart. He invited 7-year old Daniel, who has cystic fibrosis, to the premiere of Captain America: Civil War while dressed up as a Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Daniel’s mom had reached out to Iron Man on Instagram after her son was bullied and needed a pick-me-up from his favorite superhero.  

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Mark Ruffalo

ruffalo good guy
Source: getty

The Incredible Hulk is just as green in real-life, in the sense that he is a huge advocate for renewable energy and the founder of an organization called Water Defense. The Solutions Project is another cause he’s involved in, which works to create 100 percent clean, renewable energy for people all over the world. Way to go, Ruffalo! 

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Scarlett Johansson

scarlett charity
Source: twitter

Scarlett was an Oxfam ambassador for eight years, having toured India, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, and Kenya for various humanitarian projects. She’s also a hardcore supporter of Soles4Souls and has donated over 2,000 new pairs of shoes. 

She says, “If you can’t dig deep in your pockets, than dig in your closet! Americans can make a huge difference with Soles4Souls by donating shoes. Souls4Soles gives away a pair of shoes every 13 seconds in over 120 countries, with over 55 percent donated to fellow Americans.” Black Widow works with over 20 other organizations as well.  

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Anthony Mackie

Sometimes Avengers save each other outside of movies as well, like the time Anthony Mackie hilariously handled a potentially awkward interaction between Marvel fans throwing shade at Sebastian Stan, aka The Winter Solider.

While it's framed as Anthony "shutting down" an "insulting" fan, it shows how deftly the actor dispelled a potentially bad situation for Sebastian while allowing him to defending himself, too. This master play got a lot of laughs from everyone, including the two fans who were excited to talk to Tom Holland.

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Chris Evans

chris evans good guy avengers
Source: twitter

He placed a charitable Super Bowl Bet with Chris Pratt: whoever supported the losing team had to go visit a children’s hospital in character. Even though Pratt's Seahawks lost, Evans decided to join him at Seattle Children's to visit sick kids as Cap anyway. Oh, and he loves rescuing dogs. There’s a laundry list of awesome things he does

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Jeremy Renner

renner red nose
Source: twitter

Jeremy Renner's been associated with some 13 charities and a ton of other causes, including "Red Nose" day. While he doesn't get that much love as Hakweye on any posters for Infinity War, the dude's got plenty of love for humanitarian causes.

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Tom Holland

tom holland avengers charity
Source: twitter

The young Spider-Man actor and his brothers started a started a charity that auction off perks like special screening tickets, then donate the proceeds to worthwhile causes.

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Paul Bettany

Just because the man plays a robot doesn't mean he ain't got no soul. Paul proudly lends his name to "Hero Acts," the Marvel Studios charity that helps those who are ill and their families. They were even featured on Good Morning America, where you can see the British actor proudly showing off his Vision figure.

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Benedict Cumberbatch

benedict cumberbatch avengers
Source: twitter

He may play an arrogant, self-centered surgeon-turned-magician in the Marvel Universe, but Benedict's been steadily helping those in need. He received a Commander of the Order of the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth herself for his services in the arts and charity. He recently raised money to help Syrian refugees.

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Chadwick Boseman

chadwick boseman avengers charity
Source: twitter

The Black Panther star bought out a theater for underprivileged kids in his hometown so they could watch the film on his dime, making it a very special day for lots of little Marvel fans.

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Elizabeth Olsen

elizbeth olsen avengers charity
Source: twitter

The actress who plays Scarlet Witch teamed up with Big Bang theory star Kaley Cuoco and Mandy Moore, along with lifestyle brand Alex and Ani, to create the EBMRF collection of products. Sales benefited those who suffer from Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, a skin disease few have heard about but has debilitating effects to those who are afflicted.

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Chris Pratt

chris pratt
Source: facebook

Star Lord surprised fans at a charity screening of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom that benefited police officers suffering from cancer. The actor was introduced  to the audience by his brother, Deputy Daniel Pratt. The event raised several thousand dollars and Chris stayed with fans to watch the film and pose for some selfies, as well as to thank them for their service to the community.

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Zoe Saldana

zoe saldana brave beginnings
Source: twitter

The daughter of Thanos might've been a baddie at one point in the films, but in real life, she's anything but. Zoe was named the Theatrical Fundraising Spokesperson for Brave Beginnings, a charity whose primary focus is to assist premature babies by purchasing neonatal equipment and providing funding for pulmonary services.

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The entire 'Avengers' cast that got together to help donate $5M to children's hospitals.

avengers disney donation

The cast of the film came to Disney to celebrate huge cash donations from Disney, LEGO, Hasbro, Funko, and Amazon for children's hospitals in the US and UK. Disney also donated tons of toys and Marvel merchandise to the hospitals.

If that ain't super, then I don't know what is.

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