Why Is Avicii Trending With Anonymous? We Try to Explain

What to know about Avicii's death conspiracy theories, what Anonymous has to do with it, and why everyone is watching the video to "For a Better Day."

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Jun. 2 2020, Updated 4:46 p.m. ET

The decentralized activist hacker group known as Anonymous is back online, sharing their support for the ongoing protests after the senseless death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police.

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In the wake of the ongoing protests around the U.S., the group released a Facebook video, as well as several documents the public is still trying to make sense of.

One of the pieces of information alluded to the murder of several celebrities, including Swedish EDM musician and DJ Avicii (real name: Tim Bergling), whose official cause of death in April 2018 was ruled a suicide.

Keep reading while we try to make sense of the conspiracy theories surrounding Anonymous and Avicii, and attempt to separate fact from fiction.

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Anonymous baffles the internet with details of Avicii's death, sending everyone to watch "For a Better Day."

In a string of leaked documents, audio recordings, and videos, Anonymous suggested that Avicii was among a group of high-profile celebrities like Princess Diana, Kurt Cobain, Paul Walker, Chester Bennington, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Chris Cornell who "were silenced" after speaking out against child trafficking.

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Those who are promoting this theory are pointing at Avicii's 2015 music video, "For a Better Day," as evidence to support this claim. The video opens with children being trafficked, and then returning at the end of the video as adults taking revenge on their captors.

"Avicii knew of Trump's connection in the child trafficking ring," one user on Twitter explains. "He wanted to expose him/send us a message. His video was released a few months after Trump's campaign."

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This idea comes out of the fact that Anonymous also leaked sensitive information as it relates to deceased millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, and his ties to famous figures like Donald Trump and Naomi Campbell.

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According to the cyber activists, Avicii's video served to denounce the existence of a child trafficking ring. The group is also pointing to the strange deaths of Paul Walker, Chris Cornell, and Princess Diana and suggesting these personalities might have had insider information that could have helped to incriminate several of the key players who figure in Jeffrey Epstein's famous "Black Book."

Fans of Avicii's maintain that the news of the musician's death is entirely fabricated.

The Avicii subreddit has understandably been popping off since fans saw the EDM musician's name in connection with the Anonymous leaks.

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Explaining the events to a fellow redditor, one says: "I have no doubt that these disgusting rings exist in Hollywood. If Tim was trying to expose them, wouldn't he have done it in a different way, than through a music video?"

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Expanding on the false nature of these claims, another writes: "People like us (fans) knew Tim dealt with depression, alcohol problems, anxiety, way before all that happened. Of course, we will never really have the truth about his death. But for me, I'm 99% sure he took his own life."

"But well," they continue, "after all, it's Twitter, so I won't really take comments seriously from people that are mostly adolescents. The only thing that bothers me, is that they are lowering the profile of actual accusations of pedophilia from other people. In this moment, I think people should care about the confirmed things more than the theories."

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