20 of the Worst Bathroom Designs You Will Ever See



Bathrooms should be relaxation oases. Whether you're using the toilet or taking a shower or bath, you want to feel comfortable, at ease, and totally zen. These bathrooms make sure you feel the complete opposite of that from the second you walk in. 

Everything in these washrooms is wrong. Just plain wrong. Peep these terribly designed bathrooms and be glad you've never encountered them in the wild (unless you have, in which case, I'm so sorry).


Source: Reddit

The person who posted this said they just witnessed a guy walk into the ladies' room because he was looking at the top sign, not the big doorway sign. And that makes sense! Why would you do this? 

Beach view

Source: Reddit

Sure, it's nice to get a view of the beach while you're pooping. But I highly doubt that people who are lounging on the beach really want a view of you doing your business while they're trying to sunbathe. Maybe this is mirrored glass on the outside? That's the only acceptable explanation. 

Cloudy door

Source: Reddit

Just because the view isn't crystal clear doesn't mean you can't still fully see someone going to the bathroom. The worst part about this is that this is the view from the street! He's on display for the world to see!

No control

Source: Reddit

This would drive me insane. The water controls for the shower are outside of the shower. What if you need to adjust the temperature? Now you have to get out of the shower before turning it off? This is inconceivable, to quote Vizzini from The Princess Bride.

Oh, hello

Source: Reddit

Apparently, in this bathroom, every single urinal had a mirror right above it. They only serve one purpose and that is to broadcast your junk around the entire public pee space. I can't believe someone approved that idea.

Peeping Tom

Source: Reddit

On Reddit's Crappy Design, there are several pictures of hotel rooms like this one that have a glass window between the bedroom and the bathroom. As if you'd all of a sudden be like, "Oh no! Where did my wife go in this tiny hotel room?! Oh, phew. There she is. Thank goodness there was a window. I never would have figured out she was in the bathroom otherwise."

Combo bath and bed

Source: Reddit

I hate this so much. Is someone actually supposed to sleep in that lofted bed? By the time you want to go to sleep after you take your shower, your sheets and blankets will probably be sopping wet from all that moisture in the air. Gross.


Source: Reddit

These are the shower curtains at the YMCA, which is, apparently, only for extremely tall men. I doubt most people's most private parts would be covered by that dinky little curtain.

Wallpaper choice

Source: Reddit

Um, really? Why? Who thought this was an appropriate choice of wallpaper for a public bathroom? I'm just going to say it: It looks like poop. Big ol' smears of poop. 

Mind the gap

Source: Reddit

This! Gap! Is! Too! Big! Even people who don't nosily look through the cracks will just see you in all your glory, sitting right there, doing your business on the porcelain throne. 

Disappearing pipe

Source: Reddit

I have a question about this, and it is: What?! Does this mean, on the floor above the bathroom, there's just a little metal blip in the floor? They should have either gotten a smaller shower head or installed it lower on the wall! So many solutions to this completely avoidable problem!

Carpeted steps

Source: Reddit

I don't know about you, but when I ascend to the shower, I need to be treated like royalty. That means climbing up two or three steps. Wet, squishy, probably moldy steps.

Mirror trick

Source: Reddit

I'm sure when people are peeing at urinals, all they're thinking is, Man, I wish there were mirrors on both sides so I could watch myself pee over and over and over, in perpetuity, forever.

Dining tub

Source: Reddit

Who doesn't love to scrub their naked body while the rest of their family is eating a pancake breakfast at the table right next to them? And yes, I see that there is a curtain. I don't think it would make enough of a difference.

Straight shooter

Source: Reddit

The person who posted this photo wrote, "My mom had her guest bathroom remodeled while she was out of town. She wanted the shower head up high so tall people didn't have to crouch or lean way back. Come home to find this, which shoots the water straight across to the opposite wall." Awesome.

Railroad showers

Source: Imgur

You've heard of railroad apartments, right? You have to walk through one room to get to another. Well, these are railroad showers. You have to walk through one shower to get to the other, which means someone's seeing someone naked.

Heat lamp

Source: Reddit

So, there's a heat lamp in this hotel bathroom, which is really nice, but I don't think they realized that some people would use the heat lamp with the door open. Cue melted door.


Source: Reddit

This person got trapped in their own bathroom because their cat opened a drawer outside. I've tried to warn you all about the great feline takeover, but you wouldn't believe me!

So close

Source: Reddit

So close, and yet, so far. This photo is very frustrating. I just want to yank it out of the wall and extend the metal over the side of the tub, but I'm not a superhero, so I can't do it.

Bedroom shower

Source: Reddit

I usually like to do all my bathroom duties in one place, but I guess if you move into this room, you can just roll out of bed and right into the shower that's in your wall. I suppose that's kind of convenient?

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