Man Gets Banned from Tinder for Photoshopping Baby Yoda Into His Profile Pic

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Aug. 26 2020, Updated 9:38 a.m. ET

I would venture to say that nearly everyone who is looking for a relationship claims that they want a partner with a sense of humor. But as comedian Carter Hambley discovered, that's not exactly true. 

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On Carter's Tinder profile page, he posted a picture of him sitting next to a clearly photoshopped picture of Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian. Under it, he makes a pretty funny joke about how Baby Yoda isn't his kid, just a "buddy" he hangs out with. I cannot emphasize enough how clearly photoshopped the picture is. Take a look for yourself.

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It's funny because if you have a kid in your online dating profile, some people might assume you're the parent. So many people clarify that the kids they appear in pictures with aren't theirs but nieces, nephews, or friends' kids. Obviously, Baby Yoda wouldn't be Carter's actual biological child, hence, the joke.

But one woman who messaged Carter didn't seem to get the joke. In fact, she became extremely hostile when she found out what was really going on. 

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At first, she asked him where he got the doll, making it seem like she didn't realize the picture was photoshopped. Carter explains that he doesn't actually have the doll, that he just photoshopped a picture of Baby Yoda into a picture with him.

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That's when she completely loses it. She accuses him of catfishing, which is absurd, and she calls him a "liar and a sneak" which is also beyond reason, since he so very clearly is making a joke. 

I thought maybe she was joking at first. Maybe the next message would be her going, "Just kidding! That's so embarrassing that I didn't realize the picture was photoshopped. Funny joke. Anyway, I like Star Wars." But that is pretty much the opposite of what happened.

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Carter was banned from the app. Because this woman reported him, probably for "catfishing," because he made a joke about hanging out with Baby Yoda in his profile. 

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Can you believe that? Literally forbidden from using Tinder again because one woman didn't understand a joke or the concept of Photoshop. Carter posted the screenshots of this ill-fated interaction on Twitter with the caption, "God I hate this app."

It went super viral, racking up nearly 140,000 retweets and over one million likes. People commiserated with Carter on a deep level. Apparently, it's way too easy to get banned from Tinder, as a bunch of people shared their own stories of getting the boot from the app. 

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This person claims they got banned from Tinder because they specified that they were only looking for a relationship as opposed to hook-ups or friends-with-benefits situations. What! It's a dating app!

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Someone else wrote, "I got banned because this girl who matched with said she doesn't talk to people that look like terrorists and then she reported me for faking my age even tho I wasn't n yeah."

Yikes. Seems like Tinder has a lot of work to do in terms of vetting complaints to make sure they're genuine and, you know, not based in racism or not understanding jokes. In the meantime, though, at least Carter knows exactly who he shouldn't date. 

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