"I Had No Idea That These Battery Containers Are Reusable" — Man Explains Storage Hack

A battery storage hack for a certain brand of batteries makes it easy to store the rest of your batteries when you take some out of a package.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Oct. 27 2023, Published 9:36 a.m. ET

If you're like me and you enjoy the endless scroll that is TikTok, then you know that the short form video app teaches you something new every day. And one user, @jordan_the_stallion8, whose real name is Jordan, shared another factoid for TikTok users to marvel at. Mostly because, like me, they hadn't thought of it before now.

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Jordan shares in his TikTok that he discovered a battery box storage hack to store your leftover batteries in the package until you need to use them. No, this isn't about storing used or unwanted batteries. Instead, this is a hack that seems so obvious once you see it. And, whether or not you take the time to actually employ the hack IRL, it's likely one that will have you wondering why you didn't see it in the first place.

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A battery storage hack is almost too obvious to have not realized it before now.

In Jordan's video, he explains that he "had no idea that these battery containers are reusable." He then shows how to reuse a Duracell package from a pack of AA batteries. You may be able to do the hack with other sized batteries. Jordan doesn't specify that in his video, though.

He shows that if you take a couple of AA batteries out after opening the package along perforated edges on the back, you can then fold the top of the box down to insert a surprise flap, thereby closing the package and keeping the other batteries safe until you need them. Wild, right?

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Personally, I usually open my packs of batteries like an animal and immediately throw the ripped package into the garbage. Then, of course, the batteries take their rightful place in my kitchen drawers, where they co-mingle with other batteries and get mixed with some that may not even be new. It's a whole thing, and apparently it can all be avoided if I take Jordan's advice for battery storage.

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People are joking that TikTok teaches them everything, including the battery hack.

Like I said, TikTok University is here to teach us every single day. And Jordan's battery storage hack is no different.

"Why am I learning more on TikTok than ever?" One user commented under the video.

Another wrote, "I need EVERYTHING to come with instructions at this point. Am I using toilet paper wrong at this point?" I wouldn't put it past a TikTok user or two to make videos detailing just that, to be honest.

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"In all my 32 years," another user commented, marveling at the hack. "Do you know how many batteries just been falling out all over the place?" So many people can relate.

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And, because the design of the battery package seems so obvious now, someone asked, "Why don't companies not write this on the packaging or advertise it? They need to be recognized." Which is a valid point, since so many of us wouldn't know the package was made to do this, had Jordan not made his TikTok.

Judging by the person that wrote, "No no, you're supposed to just leave it open and let the batteries roll around the junk drawer so they make the junk drawer sound," if you do the same (like me), you aren't alone.

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The good news is that, apparently, with the TikTok hack for storing batteries in their original package, you don't have to dump unused batteries in your junk drawer anymore. Even if that might still be your go-to solution and no shame there.

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