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Source: cw

How Does Ruby Rose's 'Batwoman' Show Compare to the Comics?


The CW just dropped a new trailer for it's upcoming Batwoman series starring Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black, The Meg, John Wick: Chapter 2) and understandably, fans are very excited to see the actress in her first foray into the DC TV Universe as the red-haired caped crusader.

But just like any screen adaptation from a written source material like comics, there's going to be some key differences.

But that doesn't mean that the CW's completely changing Batwoman's character entirely, either. Firstly, the Batwoman in the show is the same Kate Kane that fans of the comics have grown to love.

The look of Batwoman, especially in recent releases, has also been maintained for the show quite well — mane of red hair and all. Here's a still from the Batwoman comics of Kane all suited up and ready to fight crime.