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Source: Polar Products

Freezable Bra Inserts and Other Things to Help You Beat the Heat This Summer


The planet is getting hotter and hotter. The days are becoming sweatier and sweatier. And you need to stay cool so you can fight for comprehensive climate change policies. These products will help you do that. 

No more wetting a towel, holding it in front of your window-unit air conditioner, and then putting it on your head, which is a thing I 100 percent do. These products are designed to keep you cool when it's just too dang hot, and they'll do it without making you look like an idiot (well, most of them, anyway). 

Freezable Bra Inserts

Source: Polar Products

Say goodbye to boob sweat with these Bra Coolers from Polar Products. All you have to do is stick them in the freezer, fridge, or ice water until they freeze solid. But they won't get unbearably cold. They only get down to 58 degrees Fahrenheit and give you and your chest cooling relief for up to two hours.