The “Beautiful Boy” TikTok Audio Was Featured in This Heartbreaking Film

Queue the waterworks! TikTok’s viral "Beautiful Boy" audio will leave you in shambles. Read on to learn about the song’s origins and movie tie-in.

Haylee Thorson - Author

Feb. 6 2023, Published 2:20 p.m. ET

Steve Carell, Timothee Chalamet and Amy Ryan
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Queue the waterworks! TikTok’s viral "Beautiful Boy" audio will leave you in shambles. Showcasing sweet and sentimental moments of fathers and their children to the lyrics, “The monster’s gone, he’s on the run, and your daddy’s here. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy,” this is undoubtedly one of the most touching trends to ever grace the app.

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Keep reading to learn more about the song’s origins and how it ties into the 2018 film Beautiful Boy. We've got all the details for you.

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John Lennon poses for a photo with his wife Yoko Ono and son Sean Lennon
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“The monster’s gone, he’s on the run, and your daddy’s here” lyrics are from John Lennon’s song “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy).”

“Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” was written by John Lennon and released in 1981. The track is a part of the John Lennon Collection, which contains a compilation of the artist’s greatest hits throughout his solo career. Lennon wrote this touching song for his son Sean; it resembles a lullaby that a parent would sing to comfort their child.

While running approximately four minutes in length, TikTokers are using the following snippet to convey sentimental moments with their fathers:

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Steve Carell sings “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” to his son in the movie ‘Beautiful Boy.’

Did you know the tender TikTok audio also features Steve Carell’s voice? In the 2018 drama Beautiful Boy, Carell plays the father of Nic Sheff (Timothée Chalamet), a troubled teenager who once had an incredibly bright future. However, Nic’s addiction to meth threatens to destroy his life and his entire family, and his father tries everything in his power to save his son.

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Steve Carell and Timothee Chalamet
Source: Getty Images

In the TikTok audio, we can hear Carell’s character softly singing along to Lennon’s lullaby. “Close your eyes, have no fear. The monster’s gone, he’s on the run, and your daddy’s here. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.”

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In the film, Nic’s father sings this song to his son as a child. While Nic is fast asleep, his father gazes at him lovingly while rubbing his back. The next scene transitions into Lennon singing the song while Nic’s father prepares to send him on a trip. Carell continues to sing alongside Lennon’s voice while packing Nic’s suitcase. The scene ends with Nic refusing to hug his father at the airport because he’s upset that his father isn’t flying with him.

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People are using the 'Beautiful Boy' audio on TikTok to share sweet memories with their fathers.

While the film offers a heartbreaking glimpse into addiction’s effect on father-son relationships (and all family relationships, for that matter), people on TikTok are using the audio to share loving moments with their own fathers.

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@fruitgushers47 revealed that when she was little, she’d pretend to be sleeping in the car so her father would carry her inside. While bringing her into the house, he’d whisper, “You don’t have to pretend to be asleep for me to hold you. I’ll always be here. I love you.”

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Another user said that when she became paralyzed from the waist down in 2017, her father built her homemade parallel bars so she could practice walking at home. When he saw her walk again for the first time since her accident, he said, “It’s even better the second time.”

@shawnacischoeder said her father was so determined to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day after suffering a stroke that he spent over a year re-learning how to walk.

“This is the best one yet,” one user commented.

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