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Source: Getty

Bella Thorne Opened Up About Polyamory: "It Depends on Finding the Right Mesh of Two People"


Actress Bella Thorne knows how to make headlines with her relationships, as she's very candid online about the woes of her dating life. The actress' public breakups with YouTuber Tana Mongeau (who is now "married" to Jake Paul) and rapper Mod Sun played out on Twitter and Instagram. But, it now appears as if she's found new happiness in another polyamorous relationship. 

Bella Thorne's girlfriend is Alex Martini, a production assistant, while she's also still dating Benjamin Mascolo, who lives full-time in Italy. We have the details on Bella's significant others (and the change she just made in her personal life). She also just opened up about the reason why she said polyamory works for her.