The Shocking Ending of 'Below Zero' Explains Why It Became an Overnight Hit (SPOILERS)

'Below Zero' shocked many when it became the No. 1 film on Netflix within a day of its release. The action movie's ending is explained here.

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Feb. 2 2021, Published 12:44 p.m. ET

'Below Zero'
Source: Netflix

Warning: SPOILERS for Below Zero are ahead!

Since Netflix began categorizing viral streaming hits with a Top 10 ranking in February of 2020, many have used it as a guide to find out what's worth watching next.

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Following its release on Christmas Day, Bridgerton has consistently remained in the Top 10, while the other spots have largely fluctuated. Many films that were originally slated for a wide theatrical release came out on Netflix instead because of the pandemic. Those movies have also, unsurprisingly, frequented the Top 10.

One film that surprised many by topping the trendy release tally is Below Zero, a Spanish thriller. 

Source: Netflix
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The plot centers around a prison transfer that goes terribly wrong when an unknown assailant attacks the van that holds said prisoners inside. One of the cops in charge of the transfer, Martín (Javier Gutiérrez), must battle with inmates who are looking to escape, along with frigid temperatures.

The surprise hit is getting a lot of attention online now, and some are confused by the ending.

TW // Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence

The 'Below Zero' ending explained — what does it mean?

There are a series of twists and turns in the final part of Below Zero. 

First, Ramis (Luis Callejo) rescues Martín from the ice, allowing him to live. The officer allows Ramis to run away, and he references Ramis' dream to open a bar. He asks what Ramis will name his bar, showing the prisoner that he's willing to let him escape. Ramis shares that he'll probably name his bar Fandango, and that he's headed to the Dominican Republic. 

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After he's recovered, Martín then confronts Miguel (Karra Elejalde), who has been shooting at Nano from an open window. He's the one who attacked the van in the first place, and who let Martín and the prisoners out. Miguel turns the gun on Martín, and he asks the cop to leave him alone.

Source: Netflix
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He asks why Miguel won't just turn himself in, and stop involving himself in further crimes.

Miguel reveals that Nano killed his 13-year-old daughter, Sole, but he was never arrested for it. This is why he's been wreaking havoc on the prison transfer.

He explains that Sole went to a festival and that Nano (Patrick Criado) offered her alcohol. He and his friend then took turns sexually assaulting her. Miguel says that Nano was the first one to rape his daughter. 

Miguel adds that Nano and his friend then burned their cigarette butts on Sole, and that they were subsequently violent with her with pliers and bottles. 

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She died after they tied her to a car that they had stolen, and they dragged her around. Finally, Miguel shares one of the most heartbreaking details. They still never found Sole's body. 

"Only Nano knows where my daughter is," he says to Martín.

Though Miguel knew what Nano did, there wasn't enough evidence for him to be arrested in connection to Sole's death.

Source: Netflix
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"There was an investigation, but they couldn't find enough evidence," Miguel continues in his speech. "That kid's in and out of prison every other day, like a f--king yo-yo. But, he got away with this. In a few months, he'll be out on the streets again."

Martín attempts to assure Miguel that justice will be served, but Miguel disagrees. He previously worked as a policeman.

Miguel says that all he wants to do is find out where his daughter is, so he can bury her next to his parents. Nano has continuously refused to acknowledge any involvement in the murder. 

Miguel admits that Chino confessed to the murder, right before he killed him. He, therefore, was the hooded man seen killing Chino in the first scene of the movie.

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When Nano runs out, Miguel shoots, but he soon has to reload the gun. Martín tackles him, and he stabs Miguel's hand. After a scuffle, Miguel walks out without a weapon. Martín follows him with the gun.

As Miguel is beating up Nano, Martín intercedes and breaks it up. A helicopter soon flies overhead. Nano, thinking that the battle is over, taunts Miguel by saying that he'll never divulge where Sole's body is.

Source: Netflix
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Martín then snaps, and he shoots Nano in the foot. He asks Nano to tell Miguel where Sole is. When he won't, he shoots Nano's right hand off. He then tells Miguel that Sole's body is in a well.

The film ends with Martín removing his personal items and his name card from his locker at the police station. 

Where was the 'Below Zero' movie filmed?

According to the film's official IMDb page, Below Zero was filmed in multiple parts of Spain. These spots include Madrid, and Segovia. 

For the ending scenes in the town (including the structure where Miguel begins to shoot at Nano), Tobes in Guadalajara for was utilized.

Below Zero is available to stream on Netflix now. 

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