Bennett Focuses on a Trading Card Instead of Amelia 'MAFS' (EXCLUSIVE)

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Oct. 13 2020, Updated 6:18 p.m. ET

Source: Lifetime

On Season 11 of Married at First Sight, even the strongest couples are dealing with a few cracks in their relationships. The 11th edition of the Lifetime series takes place in New Orleans, and each of the five featured pairs is struggling with various aspects of their new marriages — from living arrangements, to issues with friends, to struggles with opening up. 

Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner both share an eccentric sense of style, and they knew one another before saying "I Do." 

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Their relationship has progressed physically, and the two truly seem like they're putting in the work to stay married after Decision Day. 

From the start of the season, fans had them pegged as one of the couples who would last. In a clip obtained exclusively by Distractify ahead of the Oct. 14 episode, Bennett and Amelia are tasked with reading letters to their past selves. 

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While Amelia thought that this would be an opportunity for Bennett to discuss his bond with her, he instead chooses to talk about a rare Pokémon card. Keep reading for more on their awkward moment.

Bennett misses the mark on his assignment for 'MAFS.'

As the couples progress in their relationships, the MAFS experts give them tasks to further push them out of their comfort zones. On the Oct. 14 episode, Dr. Viviana Coles asks Amelia and Bennett to write letters to their past selves about something they should know for the future. While this is really meant for the two to articulate something about their new spouse, Bennett decides to take a different approach to the challenge.  

He tells his childhood self about keeping a rare trading card.

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"Dear 9-year-old Bennett. Pretty soon you will be overjoyed to discover a surprise that you won't forget as long as you live," he begins in his letter, while his bride pays close attention to his every word. "It's a certain Pokémon card."

Amelia can't even hide her surprise that this is the subject of Bennett's letter, rather than him using the assignment to share something about her.

Source: Lifetime
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"A first edition hologram Charizard," he continues. "This is no joke."

"Now listen closely, Young Bennett, because Future Bennett is really depending on you," the theatre writer goes on to say. "Once you unwrap the card and discover it, you'll feel your heart well up with joy. But, Young Bennett, you will quickly learn that fortune of such magnitude does not come without adversity."

The letter, somehow, only gets more bizarre.

"Your dearest friend will ask to 'borrow it for a few days.' Listen closely, because if you hold on to that card for dear life and keep it in the binder, it will be worth over $20,000 by the time you are 28," Bennett shares, and it's soon clear that he didn't take the task as seriously as Dr. V intended it to be. 

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Amelia then also begins to laugh at her husband's note. 

"$20,000 is more than you make in a year working full-time," Bennett continues with a laugh. "Love, 28-year-old still-regretful Bennett."

When Bennett looks up at his wife, it's evident that she doesn't know where to begin. 

Source: Lifetime
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Amelia asks Bennett why the letter wasn't "a little bit more" about her.

Bennett waits for Amelia to comment on the Pokémon-centric letter, and she finally formulates what to say. At first, she compliments Bennett for speaking his truth. 

"Wow, that's a pretty — uh — powerful letter," Amelia responds when Bennett finishes speaking. 

"You think?" Bennett genuinely asks.

"Yeah," Amelia responds, but she doesn't sound confident. "Yeah, I just thought it'd be, like, a little bit more about me. You know?"

He tells his doctor wife that making the letter about her would spoil the thrill of their relationship, and the fact that they met essentially as strangers at the altar. 

"I mean," Bennett begins. "You know, we've had a great relationship. I don't really need to tell my past self much about you. It's probably better that way since the surprise and the suddenness of it is what makes it so charming and wonderful."

"Hmm," Amelia shares before the teaser ends.  

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Are Amelia and Bennett still together? SPOILERS.

Though the couple seems to be heading into some awkward territory in their relationship, there are reports circulating that the two are still married. The MAFS spoiler Instagram account, @MAFSFan shared that Bennett and Amelia will choose to stay together on Decision Day, along with two other couples. They are currently residing in Virginia together. 

Source: Lifetime

As viewers will know, Amelia is in the process of applying for residency programs on the show, and she will ultimately choose one in the southern state. As they say, Virginia is for lovers. 

Married at First Sight: New Orleans is produced by Kinetic Content. It airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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