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'Bering Sea Gold' Fans Think the Apple Really Fell Far From the Tree With Shawn Pomrenke


Bering Sea Gold has certainly assembled a colorful cast of characters, and a fan favorite among many is the honorable and hard-working Steve Pomrenke, the father of Shawn Pomrenke, who is also featured on the show. While children often take the traits of their parents, many fans are shocked by how different not only the personalities of the two men are, but their business acumen and success in gold digging too.

Steve was raised on a Minnesota dairy farm and dreamed of being a gold miner in Alaska. He saved his money until he could afford to make his dreams a reality, learning whatever there was to know about mining so he could one day realize his dreams. When he opened his first pit gold mine, the venture was anything but successful. After nearly losing everything, Steve made a last-ditch effort with his son, Shawn, to put together the Christine Rose.