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The Debate Is on — What's Future's Best Track From "Purple Reign"?



Atlanta-born rapper, Future, has finally released his 16th mixtape to streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music, after initially dropping it in 2016. The mixtape, called "Purple Reign" was hosted by DJ Esco and Metro Boomin, according to Complex, and the cover art gives a nod to Prince's 1984 chart-topping album, "Purple Rain."

Overall, the feedback from Future's latest mixtape has been incredibly positive, but fans seriously can't decide on their favorite track — stay tuned to hear what the consensus is regarding the best song on "Purple Reign."

Fans are loving "No Charge" on Future's album "Purple Reign."

The eighth track on "Purple Reign," titled "No Charge," seems to be a fan favorite from Future's latest mixtape. The lyrics are basically about how he has all different types of drug connections in his inner circle, and how he can get whatever he wants "free of charge."

Twitter user @KingRico18 stated with utmost confidence, "Purple Reign best song is “No Charge”.  I stand corrected," while @ismailkawon announced, "No Charge one of my favorite Future songs ever!" It seems like fans are playing this track on repeat, and honestly, we totally get it — the song is so catchy. 

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

"Inside the Mattress" is another popular hit.

Future's third song on the mixtape, "Inside The Mattress," makes us all wish we had a punching bag within close proximity. It's the perfect track for picking up the pace during a long run, or while we're biking up a "steep" hill during a spin class. Let's face it: this song — which is all about his rise to fame — is the only thing we want to hear when we're working some stuff out.

Twitter user @ZoBilliano claims it's "Arguably best song on Purple Reign," while @DamnSheBADD__ stated defiantly, "Everybody geeked about News or Something when Inside The Mattress was the real gem on Purple Reign." Others are simply saying they're going to play the song on repeat all day, and TBH, we might too — it IS that good.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Some believe that "Salute" and "Perky's Calling" are two of the most notable jams on the mixtape.

"Salute" is another noteworthy track — the lyrics are all about partying, doing drugs, and sleeping with women. It's probably one of the "clubbiest" songs on the mixtape, making it a perfect candidate for every pregame or night out. It comes as no surprise that several fans have nominated it as the best song on the album.

"Perky's Calling" is a slightly slower jam than "Salute," but it's equally party-worthy. It has a solid beat, and the lyrics basically delve into the rapper's past drug addictions.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

The mixtape's title track has garnered quite a bit of attention as well.

Finally, Future's title track, "Purple Reign," has gained a ton of attention, and like his mixtape's other tracks, the fandom is well-deserved. The lyrics of "Purple Reign" are all about relationships with his girlfriend, and maintaining relationships with people in his crew. It's definitely the saddest song on the album, but it may ultimately be our favorite.

Twitter user @deanvannguyen mused, "Purple Reign's title track is so beautiful. What a groove he's in," while @Praxelness said the song literally brought him to tears. Clearly, this track evokes a ton of emotion among its listeners.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

There's no denying that "Purple Reign" is fantastic through and through. Although, it seems like fans are split on the number, our favorite may ultimately be the title track. Needless to say, the rapper seriously slayed this one... well done, Future. Well done.

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