Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’ Isn’t Sitting Right With Fans — and She Likely Doesn’t Care

Haters of Beyoncé’s country album called the possible name “Basic,” though Bey did not confirm it.

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Mar. 13 2024, Published 2:02 p.m. ET

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After casually sending her Beyhive into a frenzy when, in the middle of some football game, she dropped two new songs and announced plans for Act II — the second album in her music series — to be a country album dropping on March 29, 2024.

While Beyoncé confirmed when fans could expect the album, she waited until a little over two weeks before its release to share its name: Cowboy Carter.

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Since the name (and visuals! Real visuals!) surfaced on social media apps like X, formerly Twitter and TikTok, a possibly leaked tracklist followed, and soon, public discourse over Beyoncé’s country debut. Although some fans confirmed they were still excited about the album, many had some strong reactions to the Cowboy Carter name.

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Beyoncé's reported album name, 'Cowboy Carter' isn't a favorite among her fans.

On Tuesday, March 12, X exploded after several users shared Cowboy Carter’s name with the masses. The announcement included multiple visuals, including Bey on a new horse (RIP Reneigh, a real one) and a flag over a riding seat titled “Cowboy Carter.”

The visuals and title sparked memes and videos from online users. Many agreed with Bey’s possible name choice, stating they would stand with the Grammy winner through anything.

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One X user pointed out that Cowboy Carter didn’t align with how fans thought Beyoncé’s Acts albums would roll out. Since Renaissance was confirmed to be a celebration of Black artists’ contributions to house music, Act II is a tribute to Black artists’ influence on the country, and her third act is rumored to do the same with the rock genre.

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Some fans wanted Bey to stick with Acts II and III's “R” theme. Others believe Beyoncé could’ve opted not to use the suggested rollout to add her husband, Shawn Carter, a.k.a. Jay-Z’s last name, to a project.

“How do you go from RENAISSANCE to Cowboy Carter? one X user asked. RODEO was RIGHT there. She is so d--n crazy about that d--n n---a his a-- better not be on that album either.”

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A TikTok user shared a historic reason Beyoncé named her album, ‘Cowboy Carter.’

As the internet ran amuck trying to decipher what was happening in Beyoncé’s remarkable brain, several online theorists expressed their views on TikTok. One hot take that went viral was one from a Beyoncé stan who goes by Beysus Christ (@beysus.christ). In her video, Beysus succinctly shut Bey’s haters down while providing a history lesson.

Beysus stated Beyoncé could’ve named her Act II album Cowboy Carter to explore the history behind one of country music’s most famous families: The Carter Family. The Carter Family’s deep roots in country music history included June Carter Cash and her mother, Maybelle Carter.

According to Beysus, The Carter Family became famous for their songs and skills. Maybelle is credited with creating the “Carter Scratch,” a move that has “revolutionized country music.”

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While Maybelle was considered the Carter Scratch’s originator, Beysus stated the esteemed move was heavily inspired, if not stolen, from the Carter Family’s longtime collaborator, Lesley Riddle. She said the Carters first met Lesley while looking for songs to cover for the radio. During one of their meetings, Lesley taught Maybelle his guitar picking technique, which she allegedly used and named the Carter Scratch.

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The North Carolina Department of Natural Resources supports Beysus’s claim, stating Lesley was the reason for “Mother Maybelle’s” “trademark guitar techniques…including using a pocketknife for slide guitar work.” Beysus also said Beyoncé could expose how the Carter Family allegedly capitalized on Mexican country music artists, using their work in future albums. She claimed the family has been “famously known” for the treacherous acts.

Beyoncé has never, nor will ever, care what we think.

(l-r): Beyoncé and Jay-Z
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It’s important to note that, amid the online chatter about Beyoncé’s album’s name and supposed song selections, Giselle hasn’t said a word to any of us. As of this writing, only two songs, her singles “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages,” have been confirmed to go on the album.

And, as any real Beyhive member knows, Beyoncé’s says is the final say. Anything else is speculation until she confirms the album’s name or its roots. However, we’ll be sure to report back once there’s an official word from Queen Bey!

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