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Source: Warner Bros.

The 'Birds of Prey' Post-Credits Scene Makes Fun of Batman


As with any superhero movie, whether it's Marvel or DC, you're right to wonder, "Should I stick around after the movie for a post-credits scene?" The whole post-credits trend started when 2008's Ironman teased The Avengers after the credits stopped rolling. After that, almost every Marvel movie has teased fans about an upcoming film. DC just recently started to experiment with the formula. Only Suicide Squad, Justice League, Aquaman, and Shazam! have post-credits scenes — so far. 

Since 'Suicide Squad' has a post-credits scene, will 'Birds of Prey' have one too?

Since Birds of Prey is a Suicide Squad spin-off, it would make sense for it to also have a scene after the closing credits. The post-credits scene in Suicide Squad showed Amanda Waller and Bruce Wayne talking about what a disaster of an idea it was to form the Suicide Squad. Bruce tells Amanda that "his friends" will shut down Suicide Squad for her. He's talking about the Justice League, and the whole scene hints that there's going to be a Justice League 2 movie in the future (we don't know when, though).