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Source: Instagram

This Is the (Shocking) Reason Why 'Birds of Prey' Is Rated R


Birds of Prey chronicles the aftermath of an atrocious breakup, showing how Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) finds her feet in the world after being left behind by the Joker. But instead of clichéd coping mechanisms, the brilliant protagonist finds solace in committing robberies and shoot-outs and engaging in mass fights. Is it the strong use of language, the depiction of extreme violence, or perhaps the sexually suggestive content that earned the movie an R rating?

So, why is 'Birds of Prey' rated R?

Birds of Prey is bound to lure in gore-hungry audiences with its gumdrop colored, steampunk rendition of bone-chillingly cruel deeds. In a bid to ease the crippling heartache, Harley goes on a spectacular rampage involving a shoot-out at a police station, a handful of fistfights, and a bomb explosion.