A Cop Absolutely Ate It on a Slide and the Memes Just Keep Coming

We are sliding right into the best Boston police officer slide memes. It's a virtual playground for comedy. Here are the top memes and reactions.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Aug. 2 2023, Published 2:48 p.m. ET

You know what they say, it's all fun and games until a Boston cop is propelled out of a playground slide like he's auditioning for the circus. According to Boston 25 News, a "Boston police officer, in full uniform, was caught on camera coming down a children’s slide at the newly renovated playground at City Hall Plaza."

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The video, which has been shared all over social media, shows him emerging out of the slide feet first but on his stomach. The speed at which the cop exits the tubular equipment is so fast, that he tumbles a-- over teakettle onto the ground. Naturally, memes were sliding all over the internet. Here are some of our faves.

How did the Boston police officer memes come about?

The above video explains it all. A Boston police officer decided to go down a children's slide, but got way more than he expected and nothing about it was graceful. How fast do kids go down this slide if a full grown man comes fly out like a missile? When asked about the video, Boston Police told Boston 25 News that the "officer was hurt, used his personal insurance for care, and did not charge the city."

A new conspiracy has dropped!

Source: Twitter/@MatttIsATwitNow

There is only one person who could have helped this Boston Police officer that's Beantown's own Mark Wahlberg. The actor once famously alleged he could have stopped 9/11 due to the fact that he was scheduled to be on one of the planes. He has since apologized, but Mark's vibrations went from good to bad for a while.

New rules for joining the force!

Source: Twitter/@common_daisies

Humiliation can be very humbling, and it seems like police could use a bit of shame in their game.

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Where's the lie?

This didn't happen but it's not like there aren't precedents out there. The whole event probably bruised the cop's ego as well as other things given the hard landing.

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It's a Christopher Nolan joint.

Source: Twitter/@cleoofffilm

He has been to space and he has been to war, but this time Christopher Nolan is in a new kind of playground.

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Why so serious?

This will be that cop's Joker origin story.

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Despite the video's popularity on social media, no one knows the full story and why exactly the cop ate it so bad on the slide. People can't get enough of the video though or the resulting memes. All of it is good for a laugh and thankfully the police officer wasn't seriously hurt. Who knew a children's slide could be that fast? Well, now you've been warned — beware of slides, especially metal ones.

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