Brian Laundrie's Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Gets Brutally Honest About Their Relationship

Kelly Corbett - Author

Oct. 28 2021, Published 1:56 p.m. ET

Gabrielle Darling/Brian Laundrie
Source: Twitter/Instagram

The tale of Gabby Petito’s death continues to have many twists and turns. Earlier in October 2021, the human remains of her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, were found in Florida. Currently, his cause of death is unknown after his initial autopsy was inconclusive. However, according to his family’s attorney, his remains would be sent to an anthropologist "for further evaluation."

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Although the 23-year-old may not have been very well-liked in the public eye due to his heavy involvement in this case, his death still comes as a shock for those who might have personally known him. After it was announced that his remains were found, a woman who claims to be his ex-girlfriend took to Instagram to honor him.

Did this woman really date Laundrie? Here’s everything we know about Gabriella Darling, who claims she is Brian Laundrie's ex-girlfriend.

Brian Laundrie
Source: Instagram
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A woman named Gabriella Darling claims she is Brian Laundrie’s ex-girlfriend.

After it was confirmed that the remains found were Brian's, Instagram user @gabriella.darling reportedly penned a lengthy tribute to him on her Instagram story. She spoke about their relationship and revealed that she still loved him. While her Instagram account is now private, TikTok user @thewitchmama posted a video that contained screenshots from Darling's account.

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According to messages seen in the clip above, Darling spoke very highly of Laundrie and their past relationship. “I love you so f--king much,” the message began. “You were not only my first real love, you were my soulmate,” she continued.

Overall, she appears to be devastated by his death and somewhat nostalgic about their relationship. “There are so many things I wish I could tell you right now Brian, but I’m glad I got to tell you how much I loved you in person after we broke up," she wrote.

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Furthermore, Darling brushed off any haters. "[I don't care about] the hate I’m getting and will get for saying any of this. I was with a complete [different] man than the one who was wanted for murder," she asserted. In one post, she even wrote, “I love you eternally, Brian Christopher Laundrie.”

Twitter user @defonotdylann shared a screenshot of a photo from Darling's Instagram profile, where she continued to discuss Laundrie's death. "Hardest thing I've ever been through. Feels like a part of my heart has been ripped out, and no matter what, no one will be able to fill it," the post began.

"The only thing to do now is hold those memories very close to what is left of my heart, and make something positive out of this, somehow," she continued.

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She continued to shed a light on her relationship with Laundrie and explained that he was "not a monster." She also promised to keep his memory alive and "cherish the wonderful moments" they had together.

"I loved you then, and I will love you until the day God decided it's my time to go and meet you there. Until then, our flame is eternal," she wrote at the end of the post.

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In both her Instagram story tribute to Laundrie and her in-feed photo post, Darling did not make any references to Petitio or provide any details as to when she and Laundrie dated. It's unclear whether there is any truth to any of her claims.

However, Darling's relationship with Laundrie would have had to happen before he got together with Petito. According to an anniversary post shared by Petito, she and Laundrie began dating in March 2019.

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A woman on Twitter asked people to leave Gabriella Darling alone.

"I’m the admin of Leave the Laundries ALONE page on Facebook with Roberta’s friend Denise," a Twitter user by the name @ApeJamba wrote. "I want to publicly share this request to leave Gabriella Darling alone," she continued, attaching two screenshots from a Notes app to her tweet.

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The screenshots of the Notes appear to have been written by someone named April. In the Notes, April explains that Darling is Laundrie's ex-girlfriend and is currently grieving.

She explains that Darling was said to have had a good relationship with Laundrie and that "he was never abusive to her." April continues to explain that Darling has turned down interviews relating to the case and has refrained from posting any pictures she may have had with Laundrie.

Ultimately, the Note asks the public to leave Darling alone as she tries to cope with Laundrie's death.

Once again, it is unclear whether there is any truth to these claims.

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