Internet Sleuths Are Suggesting that Gabby Petito Was Pregnant, but Was She?

Amateur investigators looking into Gabby Petito's case are speculating that she was pregnant, but is there any actual evidence that she was?


Sep. 22 2021, Published 10:04 a.m. ET

As more details continue to emerge into the death of Gabby Petito and the disappearance of her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, the internet has become rife with speculation about both of them. Some of that speculation is based in reality, but there are also plenty of rumors and gossip that seem to be largely unfounded. Now, one rumor ,in particular, is gaining steam, and many want to know whether it's true.

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Was Gabby Petito pregnant?

Those online are always searching for clues that may add new wrinkles to Gabby's case, and one of the most intriguing potential wrinkles is the possibility that Gabby was pregnant when she died.

When Gabby first disappeared, her van was also missing. When travel bloggers Jenn and Kyle Bethune found the van days after she went missing, they shared an image of what some users are claiming is a sonogram.

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The "sonogram" was among many items that were strewn along the side of the road, including what seems like a spiral notebook. There's been no official confirmation that a sonogram was found among Gabby's personal items. The "sonogram" that users online think they've spotted was just one clue among many, though, that suggests Gabby may have been pregnant.

Gabby also had a baby-themed Pinterest board.

In addition to the "sonogram", the speculation that Gabby was pregnant has been strengthened by a Pinterest board where she saved baby-themed items. The board, which was called "Oh Baby", featured items like onesies and crocheted bibs, as well as images of mothers showing off their baby bumps. While this board may seem like compelling evidence, it could be that she was just thinking about becoming a mother and wasn't yet actually pregnant.

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Internet sleuths have gotten involved in every aspect of the case.

The rumors that Gabby was pregnant are just speculation at this point, but they're not the only area where internet users have taken it upon themselves to investigate virtually every aspect of Gabby and Brian's lives.

In their search for the truth, they've parsed over YouTube videos, including one posted by Jenn and Kyle Bethune in which they claim to see a man digging in a field near where Gabby's van was last seen.

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All of this speculation may be useful, but it also speaks to the obsession that many online have with solving cases that are, in general, probably better left to professional criminal investigators. That's not to say that the police are good at their jobs, or that internet sleuths can't be helpful, but they can also be intrusive at a point when those closest to the deceased are still grieving them.

Whether anything ultimately comes of all of the internet fervor around Gabby's case remains to be seen. For now, it seems clear that online detectives are going to continue pouring over the details of the case until they find something definitive or get bored. Regardless of what happens in the case though, Gabby's death at a young age remains a tragedy.

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