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Source: YouTube

Making Your Broom Stand by Itself Isn't Magic, and You Can Do It Any Day of the Year


It doesn't take long for those who are tapped into the pulse of the internet to take different internet rumors, trends, and challenges to the extreme. And in some cases, you almost feel left out if you too aren't at the epicenter of the latest craze on the web. So when someone tweeted that, according to NASA, Feb. 10 was the only day out of the year that a household broom could stand upright on its own, people were quick to jump on that bandwagon.

But for those wondering why their brooms are standing by themselves, the answer is a lot simpler than some special day that comes once per year. In fact, there doesn't even seem to be a direct announcement from NASA that allegedly started the day-long fad. If you were one of many who ran out to Walmart to test the theory on an aisle full of brooms, though, don't beat yourself up about it.