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These "Half-Jeans" Are the Latest Trend Twitter Is Freaking Out About



Humanity is no stranger to denim disasters. Who can forget this lovely duo ensemble back when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were a thing?

When it comes to jeans, for some reason, people come up with the most bizarre and ridiculous creations. Whether it's jeans you can unzip from the behind, clear-knee mom jeans, or ones spattered with fake mud to give you an air of rugged authenticity, designers just can't help themselves from making stupid things out of denim.

ASOS has its own storied reputation of fashion blunders and count this jeans travesty as another one. I present to you, 'Half-Jeans.'

OK, the official name for this monstrosity are 'Ragged Priest Jeans' (Ragged Priest is a line ASOS offers) but I can't imagine any individual, man of God or not, seriously rocking these.

The construction of these are also maniacal.

Source: ASOS

The upper half of the jeans don't even qualify as a micro-skirt, so whatever underwear you're rocking will pick up all the dirt and grime from anything you happen to sit on. Not to mention, make sure you're rocking your absolute best pair of panties if you go outside in these.

They're attached to the bottom portion with metal clasps affixed to denim flaps, along with two small chains that are looped through metal rings lined into the fabric. Oh, and they cost about $100. 

People are baffled by them.

And are sure that the clothing brand is just messing with its customers. Because, come on, really?!

I mean, what were they thinking?

Others just want to ensure that whoever's in charge of ASOS' design team is all right. 

Seriously, are they OK??

Believe it or not though, there are some folks out there who actually want to rock a pair of these. I guess they're not thinking of just how impractical wearing something like this is.

I mean, I can't tell if some of them are being serious or not.

But out of the more recent terrible denim blunders, are these that much worse?

I mean, at least you can sit down in these.

And I wouldn't trust my friends while wearing these. Because I know all it takes is for them to have one beer and then they'll be unzipping my butt for all the world to see.

What do you think?

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