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Source: Twitter

This Pants Style Is Leaving People With Weirdly Burned Legs

By Aimee Lutkin

Suns out, knees out, as the old saying goes. Spring is finally here, and people are celebrating by learning what the power of the burning ball of gas up there can do — cook you slowly. And while doctors warn everyone to put on tons of sunscreen (SPF 50 and above) before they head outdoors, many people ignore this advice. Like this guy whose painful-looking sunburn resulted in a head dent. Seriously, his forehead swelled so much it left a bright red dent when he poked it. 

Anyways, people with pale skin and a desperate need to wear ripped jeans are being punished by the Sun God with unsightly burn patterns. And when we say unsightly, we mean weird AF. 

It happens literally every year, since ripped jeans were invented.