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Source: iStock

Kids Are Passing out on Camera for Views on TikTok, and It's Incredibly Upsetting


A deadly trend is once again making its way around the internet more than two decades after it first made headlines. Videos documenting the "Pass-Out Challenge," also known as the "Choking Game," are quickly spreading across TikTok, inciting panic amongst parents.

The goal is to temporarily cut off the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain in order to experience a moment of euphoria and lightheadedness when breathing recommences, but the manner in which these kids are blocking their air supply is highly disturbing.

The "How to Make Yourself Pass Out" TikTok challenge is incredibly dangerous.

A version of the "Choking Game" in which participants use rope to impede their airways has resulted in a significant amount of deaths since the mid-‘90s. Time previously reported that between 1995 and 2007, 82 children (ranging from ages 6 to 19) died while attempting this challenge.