Bryce Hall's Hairline Is Trending Following His Fight With Austin McBroom


Jun. 14 2021, Published 10:55 a.m. ET

Although he's one of the most popular influencers on the internet, that doesn't mean Bryce Hall is immune from the normal process of aging. In the wake of his fight with YouTuber Austin McBroom, which he lost, some on Twitter noticed something in particular about Bryce's hairline. The fight may be over, but the memes about Bryce's hairline have persisted.

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What's up with Bryce Hall's hairline?

Normally, Bryce's appearances before the public are carefully coordinated, and his look is pretty consistent across those appearances. He tends to comb his hair down to cover his forehead. Following his boxing match, though, fans have started to realize why. As it turns out, his early-Bieber era haircut exists to cover up a receding hairline.

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Bryce's actual hairline became apparent after his hair was pushed back during the fight.

"The most fascinating thing I’ve learned today is that there’s a 45 -year-old hairline under Bryce Hall’s combover," one person wrote on Twitter. "He catfishing on Tiktok chile…"

Other users compared Bryce's hairline to the hairline of Pennywise the Clown from IT, which is not a comparison most internet personalities are looking for.

Who won the fight between Bryce and Austin?

Although large corners of the internet were distracted by Bryce's hairline, there was also plenty of attention paid to the fight between Austin and Bryce, and to the larger tournament between some of the biggest stars on YouTube and TikTok.

In the end, the YouTube content creators won six out of the seven scheduled fights. In fact, the only fight that the YouTubers did not win was the fight between Tanner Fox and Ryland Storms, which was canceled.

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Austin knocked Bryce down for the count after just three rounds, but it's unclear whether Bryce will have to pay up in the million dollar bet that the two agreed to prior to the fight. That bet was contingent on the winner beating the loser via knockout, and while Austin gave Bryce a good pounding, the fight ended with a technical knockout as opposed to an actual knockout.

Source: Twitter
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How much did Bryce get paid for the fight?

Although Austin may still take a little off the top of Bryce's pay for the fight, it's clear that Bryce is going to walk away with a clear profit in addition to the black eyes that he received. Bryce has said that he got paid $5 million for the fight, and while Austin hasn't announced what he made, most assume that his pay will be in a similar range.

Bryce and Austin's bout comes on the heels of the fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather. Although these celebrity matches certainly represent major paydays for the stars who participate, they may also be part of the future of boxing.

The quality of the fights between these non-professionals may not always be high, but the big names that are drawn into the ring are undoubtedly appealing. Bryce may have lost his fight with Austin, but in the end, both influencers came away as winners.

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