Netflix's 'The Trust' Star Bryce Lee Has a Girlfriend — Here's Everything We Know About Their Relationship

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jan. 11 2024, Published 11:15 a.m. ET

During Season 1 of Netflix's reality competition series The Trust: A Game of Greed, we meet Bryce Lee (real name Jason Bryce) from Bonney Lake, Wash. Entering the competition at just 22 years old, Bryce is the youngest of the group. And given that he graduated from the University of Washington in 2021, one might assume that someone his age is just starting their career.

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However, that's not true for Bryce as he's been a millionaire since age 20. He currently works as a real estate broker and serves as the Director of Marketing at his family's luxury brokerage, Kimber Lee Real Estate. Per his LinkedIn, he is a "top one percent realtor" and began selling homes before he graduated college.

Many contestants are suspicious about Bryce's background and believe he doesn't deserve any of the money in The Trust.

While Bryce hides his secret millionaire status from the group at first, he does confide in contestant Simone Stewart about some other personal matters: His sexuality. In fact, Bryce reveals he's been in a relationship for years. Below, we share details on Bryce's girlfriend.

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Bryce Lee in episode four of the trust
Source: Netflix

Who is Bryce Lee's girlfriend?

Bryce's girlfriend is Kayla Bent. They are high school sweethearts who have been dating since Feb. 17, 2017. In a confessional, Bryce claims, "She's my best friend."

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What is Bryce Lee's sexuality?

When Simone tells Bryce that her oldest child Kay goes by they/them pronouns, and is non-binary, Bryce seems relieved that he found an ally. "I knew we were meant to talk," he tells her. Although we don't get to see their whole conversation unfold, Bryce tells her, "I'm male presenting so I have the privilege of saying he/him."

Simone tells him that she wasn't sure what his pronouns are, but regardless thinks that "people just need to be who they wanna be."

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Then in a confessional, Bryce shares that people tend to form opinions on him based off his personality and appearance. "When you are a very energetic person and very flamboyant person and I talk with my hands a lot, sometimes people judge that," he admits.

Bryce adds: "And however people perceive me is the way that they want to judge the book by the cover. You know I'm very confident in who I am and there's only one Bryce Lee."

Bryce's aunt is famous chef and TV host Sandra Lee.

Besides being well-connected in the real estate industry, Bryce is also the nephew of chef, TV personality, and author Sandra Lee (real name Sandra Lee Christiansen). Sandra, who has authored over 25 books, is known for her popular "Semi-Homemade" cooking concept.

In addition, she has hosted numerous cooking shows like Sandra Lee Crazy for Comfort and Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee, which she won a Daytime Emmy for in 2012. Sandra served as the de facto First Lady of New York from 2011 to 2019 as the partner of former Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Sandra's sister, Kimber Lee, is Bryce's mom. In August 2017, Bryce appeared on Family Feud with his mom and Aunt Sandy.

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