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Source: iStock Photo/Reddit

People Are Sharing Their Eerie Real Life 'Butterfly Effect' Stories


The Butterfly Effect is way more than a mediocre 2004 thriller starring Ashton Kutcher that spawned two sequels. According to Wikipedia, the butterfly effect is "the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state." In other words, one tiny action can have an outsized impact on what happens later. It's the idea that what you have for dinner one night can change the course of your life, that oversleeping one morning can ultimately mean the difference between life and death. Side note: What happened to Amy Smart? She deserved better. 

Every so often, people are able to recognize the butterfly effect in their real life. For example, maybe if I'd used the time I spent watching The Butterfly Effect to study French instead, I'd be a high-powered multilingual cultural critic living in Paris. But alas, here we are. The stories people shared in this Reddit thread are fascinating in their specificity. The butterfly effect is real.

1. A Pair of Heels

Source: iStock Photo

Apparently, a pair of heels was responsible for the birth of this Reddit user's brother. Busytoothbrush explains that one day, their mother wore heels to work, slipped, and broke her leg. The antibiotics she was prescribed interfered with her birth control, and that's how she became pregnant with the poster's little brother.