If You Recognize Caleb Dume on 'The Bad Batch,' He Goes by Another Name on 'Rebels'

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May 4 2021, Updated 7:17 p.m. ET

'The Bad Batch'
Source: Disney Plus

It's always exciting when there's a new storyline in the massive Star Wars universe. Disney Plus released a new animated series on the platform, launching on May 4, titled The Bad Batch. The new series features familiar faces across the Star Wars universe, and the new spinoff is tied to The Clone Wars. If you recognize Caleb Dume, here's where you've seen him before, and why his storyline is so exciting on this new series. 

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The first episode of 'The Bad Batch' had a big cameo with Caleb Dume.

The Bad Batch, Star Wars' latest spinoff, follows a group of elite clone troopers who have genetic mutations. This same group was first introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which centered in the timelines between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

the bad batch
Source: Disney Plus
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The group's official title is Clone Force 99, however, they're known as the Bad Batch, since their genetic makeup is different than the other clones in the army.  

There were already signs in the trailer of the new show that there were going to be some returning characters from other Star Wars timelines.  

We saw Grand Moff Tarkin, from the original Star Wars film and beyond, in the trailer. But no one was ready for the animated character that was going to be featured in the new show.  

Caleb Dume isn't a name that every Star Wars fan knows. But when he popped on the screen during The Bad Batch, super fans were excited. 

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Though he was just a young Padawan in the first episode of the new series, fans of the universe have seen him before. But they know him by another name.  

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Kanan Jarrus from 'Rebels' is a featured storyline on 'The Bad Batch.'

In Star Wars Rebels, Kanan Jarrus is an experienced Jedi who has had an up-and-down relationship with others in the universe. In Rebels, we saw him lose faith in the Jedi ways before he found his way back and helped take on some of the universe's biggest adversaries.  

He ultimately met his death around the third year of the Battle of Yavin. He sacrificed himself to allow the other rebels to escape. He eventually became a part of the Cosmic Force of the Jedis, and we've heard his voice offer wisdom to the living Jedis. That voice, by the way, is Freddie Prinze Jr.

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the bad batch
Source: Disney Plus

What does this have to do with The Bad Batch? Well, Kanan Jarrus is the adult already-a-Jedi Caleb Dume. In the new Disney Plus series, we get to know Kanan's character from his younger days, when he was just a Padawan (and still voiced by the iconic actor). There's a chance we'll get to see more of his backstory and how he's connected to the universe as a whole, as well as how he connects to the Bad Batch of clone troopers.

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The Star Wars universe continues to get more complicated as more series are created to help build out the whole world. But, of course, fans are obsessed with all the details, so everything has to line up between the series and the universes.

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It's not clear yet if Caleb was just a way to help bridge the storylines or if his character is going to be featured on upcoming episodes of The Bad Batch. We'll have to wait and see. 

The Bad Batch releases new episodes every Friday on Disney Plus.

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