You Can Use Most of Your Xbox One Accessories With the Xbox Series X

Thankfully, you can use the Xbox One controllers with your new Xbox Series X — and they're fairly easy to pair. Here's our how-to guide.

Sara Belcher - Author

May 4 2022, Published 6:48 p.m. ET

So, you've managed to get your hands on the new (and still hard to find) Xbox Series X — congrats! The new console boasts a framerate of 120fps as well as Quick Resume, which allows players to suspend multiple games at once and pick them up as desired.

Unfortunately, buying a bunch of new accessories for your new console can quickly add up in cost. But can you use your Xbox One controllers and accessories with your new console?

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Can you use an Xbox One controller with your Xbox Series X?

Thankfully, you can use any of your Xbox One controllers with your new Xbox Series X console, as Microsoft is typically pretty good with backward compatibility.

The easiest way to connect the controller to your new console is with a micro USB cable. Use it to plug in the controller to your Xbox Series X and then you're good to go! If your controller isn't charged, you can leave it plugged in to use it as a wired controller, or you can unplug it and use it wirelessly, so long as it has batteries.

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You also only have to do this once to pair your Xbox One controller to your Xbox Series X. From then on, so long as you don't reconnect the controller to your Xbox One console (or any other console), you can use your Xbox One controller by just pushing the power button on it. It will automatically connect with your Xbox Series X.

Pairing the controller wirelessly is a bit more difficult, but definitely doable if you don't have any micro USB cables laying around.

To pair wirelessly, make sure both your console and your controller are turned off. Push and hold both the power button on the Xbox Series X console and the Xbox One controller. Once the console is on, you'll want to push the pair button, which is located right next to the power button on the console. Immediately after the logo flashes, confirming you've pressed the pair button, press and hold the pair button on your Xbox One controller, which is next to the charging port.

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You'll know the controller is paired when the logo flashes and then remains lit. At that point, you can use the controller just as you would if you paired it with a micro USB cord and it will automatically connect to your console when you turn it on.

What other Xbox One accessories are compatible with the Xbox Series X?

Almost all of the first-party accessories created for the Xbox One are compatible with the Xbox Series X, except for the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner and the Kinect sensor. This means the Xbox One Stereo Headset, the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adaptor, the Xbox One Wired Chat Headset, the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit, the Xbox One Chatpad, and the Razer Turret all work. The Play and Charge kit will need a USB-C cable to work, but with the cable, it will be compatible with the new console.

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