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23 Carole Baskin Memes That Are Simply Purrfect



Tiger King taught us many things: namely, if you want a tiger to eat a human being, you just have to cover their body in sardine oil. You can thank the owner of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Fla., Carole Baskin, for that little bit of information. That's just one little comment/detail from the feline enthusiast that has everyone convinced she killed her first husband, multi-millionaire Don Lewis, which has spawned a treasure trove of memes.

In all fairness, however, there's tons of other jokes to be had about nearly every scene in the Tiger King documentary, but people seem to be entirely fixated on Joe Exotic's arch nemesis, Carole Baskin, for her eerily reserved manner of speaking, shady history, strange cult of volunteers she's amassed to work for her, and the weird circumstances surrounding her first husband's disappearance.

There's varying degrees of awfulness in this 'Tiger King' meme.

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What seemed to grind a lot of people's gears is that Carole was effectively running what appears to be a cult, but manages to get a free pass because she calls her private zoo a "sanctuary." The only difference between her operation and Joe's and Bhagavan's is that she has more money.

Cardi B. even shared this meme about Carole Baskin.

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So many people are convinced that she's behind the death of Don Lewis.

Obviously Joe's "Here Kitty, Kitty" is hilarious....

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But Joe does make a lot of compelling points in it.

And no, it's not just you.

It seems like everyone who's watching the documentary absolutely swears that Carole is straight up telling us she killed Don.

Then there's the leash photo.

I mean look at the delight in her eyes.

Channing at least has an excuse.

That was for comedic effect in a movie. She had him on a leash on their wedding day. What?

The look on Howard's face says it all.

Personally, I found Howard's singing to Carole near the end the weirdest part of this whole documentary.

No context necessary.

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God bless the editors for leaving this line in here.

A message from Carole Baskin.

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Nothing like coronavirus/Tiger King mash up memes. 2020's not so bad after all, I guess.

The fact she killed her husband is bringing people together.

Strangely enough... it's inspiring others to be generous during this tough time.

I still can't get over this line.

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It's so oddly specific!

Since Howard is on Carole's leash...

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Then all of his memes automatically become her memes.

Waiting for this one to drop.

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I hear it's gonna be a doozy. What an epic crossover event.

I looked at the math.

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Looks like it all checks out. We'd be in a utopia by now.

Greatest rivalry of all time.


How do I not remember Barry Hardy?!

He's crazy until he's not!

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As much of a blowhard as Joe is... come on... you're convinced Carole killed Don Lewis.

It's what we needed during these tough times.

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Netflix owns 2020.

100% truth.

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Carole is guilty of something, and I think it has to do with the disappearance of her first husband.

At least her tigers were well fed.

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And especially well fed on one night in particular, too.

Big talk from someone who was a cat breeder.

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Joe's just out here spitting the truth... or, you know, his version of it.

I would love to see these two at a dinner table together.

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Please let genies be real so I can find a lamp, rub that shiny little devil and wish for this scenario.

Don't let the garland fool you.

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That rabbit's all about the sardine oil on dead bodies life.

And of course...

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You knew it was only a matter of time before someone made a meme of Joe blaming COVID-19 on Carole Baskin. Greatest rivalry of all time.

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